"Ace" Reuters! Exposes Xiao Zhan and Huang Jingyu playing boxing and being lifted after losing
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“Ace” Reuters! Exposes Xiao Zhan and Huang Jingyu playing boxing and being lifted after losing

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Xiao Zhan and Huang Jingyu work together. They know that they are cooperating in a serious drama. The roles played are confidant brothers. The two have very good feelings in the drama, and the relationship outside the drama is not bad. The relationship is very good. Individuals are often formed by netizens as CPs. Xiao Zhan and Huang Jingyu each have a pair of very popular CPs that almost everyone knows.

But these are not important. The important thing is that the two people filmed in the play. I don’t know if it’s because they have been together for a long time. Xiao Zhan seems to like fitness a lot recently. He also posted his fitness selfie some time ago. , And Huang Jingyu is also a person who loves fitness. Huang Jingyu gave the audience the impression of a very straightforward man.

Xiao Zhan’s impression to the outside world is that the sun is gentle, and the two of them are people with very good personalities. I believe they will get along very well, because the two play confidants, and the online broadcast of this drama is set as a double male. Lord, so the interaction between the two parties is definitely inevitable. After all, they have to be filming together. Recently, some netizens released a Reuters picture of “Ace”.

The informant claimed that Huang Jingyu lifted Xiao Zhan in one hand, perhaps to practice his arm strength. As can be seen in the picture, Huang Jingyu suspected that he really lifted a person, but the first source of this picture on Weibo is Xiao The black fan of Zhan, without showing his face, cannot be sure that the person lifted by Huang Jingyu is Xiao Zhan, or it is just a misplaced picture.

And Xiao Zhan’s black fan posted that there was a video about this matter, and said that there was a group of big masters in the crew who guessed and played together. Later, Xiao Zhan lost, so he was lifted up, and the black fan said Xiao Zhan only has 130 kilograms, so Huang Jingyu lifted it very easily, although he didn’t know whether these black powder exposures were true or false.

But the relationship between Xiao Zhan and Huang Jingyu should be really good. I can often see the same frame Reuters who is playing together. It is said that the film crew is boring every day, and the signal is definitely not good in the mountains. Let’s chat and play together The game is very normal, what do you think? Welcome to leave a message.


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