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“Ace” game upgrades but accidentally “offends” two gods, and tore down the fig leaf of variety show

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The variety show “Ace vs. Ace” has been broadcast to the sixth season. Because of Shen Teng and Jia Ling, this show really has a soul. The ratings and reputation of each season are quite good. In addition, Hua Chenyu and Guan Xiaotong have a sense of variety more and more, so the show is even more popular with the audience.

If you are a netizen who likes this program, you must know that every program is the same game, microphone, you draw, I guess, etc. Finally, there will be a “memory killing” to make everyone cry.

Over time, “Ace vs. Ace” has formed a routine. The game is always changing the soup without changing the medicine, changing the name to continue playing, but because of Shen Teng and Jia Ling, even these old-fashioned games can still be very interesting. .

In the latest episode of the show, the megaphone game still exists, but two new games have been added, one is “Magic Pen Produce Flowers”, and the other is “Successful Voice”.

The “Ace” game was upgraded but accidentally “offended” the two gods, and tore down the fig leaf of the variety show.

The first, “The Words”.

This game has actually been played as early as the second issue of the fourth quarter of “Running Man”.

For those who like to watch “Running Man”, I believe that the first time I see this game, I already have a feeling of deja vu.

These two games can be said to be basically the same, except that the players are not the same. They are all made up with a mouth after drawing.

Secondly, “the first to win.”

This game can be said to be quite interesting, especially when Shen Teng named himself Luhan, the burdens are really one after another. It can be said that this game is completely tailored for Shen Teng.

However, if you are a small partner who likes to watch variety shows, this game is certainly not unfamiliar, because in “Happy Camp” this is already an old game.

It can even be said that “Quick Book” was already playing this game before the show “Ace vs. Ace”.

Apart from the different names and players, there is really no difference between the two games.

To be honest, for a variety show, the game upgrade is definitely a good thing. After all, you always play a few games, even if the guests are strong, the audience will always get bored.

However, the game upgrade of “Ace vs. Ace” is really embarrassing. Isn’t this the naked “plagiarism” of “Running Man” and “Quick Book”?

In fact, the three programs of “Ace”, “Running Man” and “Quick Book” can all be called “Shenzhen”, and their reputation and ratings are quite good.

The two games in this issue of “Ace” brought a lot of joy to the audience, but it can be said that they “offended” the other two gods. After all, what a blatant “plagiarism”!

“Ace” plagiarizes “Running Man” and “Quick Book”. This behavior can be regarded as a fig leaf for variety shows.

In the first episode of “Running on the Yellow River”, many viewers found out, among them they played the “Ace” microphone game, and “Youth Travels” “order game”.

In the recent episodes of “Quick Book”, the game “High-altitude Bubble Station” is exactly the same as “Running Yellow River”.

The “cut the balloon” game played in “Quick Book” has actually been played in “Extreme Challenge”, and the extreme men’s team did not wear a raincoat when they played it, which is relatively more fun.

Isn’t the game “relay writing Chinese characters” also the game played in “Running Man”?

The games in the variety show can be said to be plagiarism from each other, which really embarrass the audience.

As a veteran variety show, these shows have their own exclusive games. Of course, this is also the place that attracts the most audience. For example, when you see the “tearing brand”, you can think of “Running Man”.

No matter what kind of variety show, since so many seasons have been made and so many fans have been circled, the program group should make higher-quality programs to give back to the audience.

This kind of entertaining variety show is good or not. On the one hand, it tests the funny ability of the resident MC. On the other hand, it depends on the game of the show group. After all, a game that is not fun can not be played even if the guests are stubborn.

Many old-brand variety games have been accused of “plagiarism”, but this situation still occurs from time to time, not only copying Han Zong, but also copying each other.

To be honest, a variety show can generally be more than three seasons, and there is definitely a bright spot to attract the audience in the show, and the game link is definitely a very important factor.

Do you feel uncomfortable if you say that “tearing the famous brand” appears in “Ace” or “Quick Book”?

Perhaps some viewers really want to see Shen Teng’s famous brand, but if this is the case, it is easy for the audience to feel that they are on the wrong set.

In recent years, the variety show market has developed quite fast, but the quality is uneven. I sincerely hope that these old brands of Shenzong can maintain their original intentions and make their own labels, so that they can go further and capture the hearts of the audience. What do you think?



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