"Ace 6" welcomes the most boring guest, stand and know what to do next, please don't ask if you can't afford it

“Ace 6” welcomes the most boring guest, stand and know what to do next, please don’t ask if you can’t afford it

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The variety show “Ace Vs Ace 6” has been deeply loved by the public since its first episode. In addition to the “Ace Family” composed of Shen Teng, Jia Ling, Hua Chenyu, and Guan Xiaotong in this episode, there is also Song Yaxuan of the Times Youth League, who joined the program as “Ace Boy”.

The program “Ace vs. Ace” was broadcast until the 6th season, and the broadcast format has not changed. Basically, each issue invites classic crews or guests from variety shows to perform cos together and find undercover through games. Of routines. Fortunately, the members of the “ace family” are very active, so that each episode can be very exciting.

The reason why “Ace Vs Ace” can be recognized by the audience is not only because of the sense of humor of the Ace family, but also the lineup of guests invited in each program is also a key point. Generally, the guests invited by the program will be very popular or very popular at the moment. Topical. After this program is broadcast, it can also arouse more discussion.

However, after the guest recording the new episode of “Ace vs. Ace 6” was exposed on the Internet, netizens were discussing that this episode was about to usher in the least interesting guest. The guests mentioned by everyone are not just one person, but all the guests of the next program. Why do you say that?

It turned out that the number of guests invited for the next program is not large, and they are all old friends that everyone is very familiar with. They are Yang Di, Lang Lang, Fan Chengcheng, and Sha Yi. Sha Yi has participated in the recording of “Ace Vs Ace” many times, and everyone is familiar with him. Yang Di and others are all regular guests of “Youth Travel 2”, which is also directed by Wu Tong.

Not only the guests are very familiar with everyone, but also the routines of the show. Previously, “Youth Travels 2” was to let the guests enter the game link from the beginning of bed together, either by guessing the lyrics, guessing the song name, or guessing the name of the person. Whether it is “Ace” or “Youth Travel 2”, everyone has seen enough of such games.

Therefore, after watching the next preview of “Ace vs. Ace”, many netizens shouted to Director Wu Tong. If they can’t afford the guests, don’t do it. What’s the point of making such an old friend that everyone is very familiar with is still an old routine.

This time, director Wu Tong seems to have used a new trick, combining “Ace Vs Ace” and “Youth Tour 2”. But this new trick is just a change of name. In fact, it is still an old routine. It doesn’t feel meaningful at all. It depends on the very stubborn performance of Shen Teng, Jia Ling, Sha Yi, and Yang Di to create a laugh. It seems that Director Wu Tong also meant to be exhausted. If this continues, “Ace” does not need to be shown in the 7th season.


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