"Ace 6" guests make funny faces, Hua Chenyu bites her lip, Shen Teng old grandmother, Jia Ling is selling cute

“Ace 6” guests make funny faces, Hua Chenyu bites her lip, Shen Teng old grandmother, Jia Ling is selling cute

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“Ace 6” has already started, the first episode of the broadcast brought a lot of joy to the audience, and there is a rule of the game at the scene that the guests who lose the game make faces, so let’s take a look next What do they look like when they make faces and pretend to be ugly!

Shen Teng is a very funny male star without the burden of idols, so the show with him on the trump card is always full of joy, and watching his grimace, with his hands at the corners of his eyes, his mouth is still pouting as if he is It’s like a grandmother rolling her eyes, it’s really fun.

Hua Chenyu is now more and more relaxed on the trump card stage. When making faces, he bit his lower lip and wrinkled his nose. He had a very hideous appearance, which was indeed a bit scary.

Guan Xiaotong, like Hua Chenyu, after joining the Ace family, the whole person has become less burdened by idols. Instead, they are very hard at playing games. Including this time making funny faces, she used her hands to hold her lower eyelids and roll her eyes, which made people feel pretty hard.

As a guest of the first issue of “Ace 6”, Yang Mi was also very clever and clever on the stage. She also knew that although she is a goddess in many people’s hearts, she is not the kind of too burdened by idols. people. So watching her grimacing and being pulled down by the tail of her eyes with her hands, she looked like an old man with drooping eyelids.

Lei Jiayin’s grimacing face is not too hard, pinching her face together with her hands, her facial features are distorted, so if you don’t know him too much, you probably won’t recognize him.

Dong Zijian said very little in the show, but when he lost the game and made faces, he also attracted everyone’s attention, because his face was really no one, and he ravaged his face, eyes and The mouth is crooked.

Song Yaxuan is the ace teenager who only joined the ace in the latest season. The grimace he made at the scene was not too exaggerated, but he wrinkled his nose and closed his eyes, but it felt a little bit of a child crying, which was a bit distressing. .

This time the guests made funny faces, and others could see that they were pretty hard, but our Jia Ling seemed to be cute. She was clenching her teeth and wrinkling her nose, her eyes seemed to be fierce, but instead of making people think she was making faces, she was a little cute. Because her face was originally chubby, and when she made this expression, the two pear vortices at the corners of her mouth were also exposed, and the whole thing looked like a fierce milk, which really made people a little like and excited That’s it!


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