Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko addresses the National Assembly on May 26.  Photo: Reuters

Accused of virus leaks, China calls for an investigation into secret laboratories around the world

TPO – Beijing called the theory “the SARS-CoV-2 virus leaked from the laboratory” a conspiracy theory, and urged an investigation into secret biological laboratories around the world.

“Recently, some people have been making out-of-date hype about COVID-19 tracing. The smear and blame campaign is back. And the conspiracy theory about the leak from the lab was once again mentioned,” a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Washington (USA) said in a statement Wednesday evening.

The embassy did not name any specific individuals, but he said “some forces are manipulating politics, while ignoring the urgent needs of the people and the need for international cooperation in promoting stop the epidemic”.

China has called for international cooperation to trace the origin of COVID-19 “on the basis of respect for facts and science, in order to better deal with unexpected epidemics in the future”, the statement stressed. . The politicization of investigations not only makes it “difficult to find the source of the virus” but also “seriously hinders international cooperation on the pandemic”.

“With a sense of responsibility towards the health of mankind,” Beijing advocates conducting “a comprehensive study of all the world’s first COVID-19 cases, and a thorough investigation.” about some secret bases and biological labs around the world.”

While some US officials have hypothesized that the SARS-CoV-2 virus leaked from a laboratory in China, in a March 2020 press conference, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry suspected suspected the US developed this virus in a biological weapons laboratory and sent it to Wuhan.

The Chinese Embassy’s latest statement comes after US President Joe Biden ordered US intelligence agencies to report to him within three months about whether COVID-19 originated from animals or from animals. laboratory incident.

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