Accused of the murder of a taxi driver The trial of a Beauceron opens in Quebec


The second trial of a Beauceron accused of the first degree murder of a taxi driver opened in Quebec on Monday, and this time, it is before a judge alone that the man has chosen to postpone his destiny.

In June 2017, after a four-day deliberation, Jean-François Roy was found guilty by twelve of his peers of the murder of Hygin Veilleux, 73, stabbed in his car in November 2014.

However, two years later, the Court of Appeal ordered a new trial after ruling that the trial judge erred in instructing the jury.

The plan: kill

Monday, the pursuer, Me Pierre-Alexandre Bernard explained to judge François Huot that the theory of the Crown tends towards the fact that on November 7, 2014, Roy carried out his plan to kill a taxi driver “no matter which”.

“The morning of the murder, he asked for a taxi car and chance assigned him that of the victim. Arrived in Beauceville, the accused repeatedly stabbed the victim’s chest and finished him off by suffocating him, ”he said.

Roy then got behind the wheel of the car and drove to his drug dealer, from whom he bought cannabis and settled debts with the victim’s money.

Later, back in Saint-Georges, he abandoned the car on the 123e street with, on board, the body of the victim which was discovered by two co-workers.

The work of the investigators and especially, the GPS of the car of Mr. Veilleux made it possible to get hold of Roy’s collar who, in the early morning of November 10, “told” and “explained” in the most “small details” the murder that he had committed a few days earlier.

“A search was carried out at the accused’s home and the murder weapon was found with the victim’s DNA. The victim’s identity documents as well as his wallet were also discovered at Jean-François Roy’s, ”added the prosecutor.

Never seen

For this second trial, it was first Nicola Salomone who was to represent Roy. However, the latter resigned from the Bar last September, abandoning his gown and his title of lawyer in the middle of the courtroom after Judge Huot reproached him.

Roy is therefore now represented by Me Alain Dumas, who informed the President of the Tribunal that the defense intended to demonstrate the lack of intention of the accused, caused by intoxication. “The whole, obviously linked to a mental incapacity,” he said.

The trial is scheduled to last two weeks.

– with the collaboration of Nicolas Saillant



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