Accused of harassment The "brat" of Sainte-Catherine pleads guilty

Accused of harassment The “brat” of Sainte-Catherine pleads guilty

The “brat” of the municipality of Sainte-Catherine in Montérégie pleaded guilty Tuesday morning at the Longueuil courthouse and will have to live with a criminal record for an unsightly gesture made in the middle of the pandemic, last spring.

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Christiane Jean admitted her guilt on the count of harassment against her neighbors in an apartment building on Union Street.

Wanting to harm her neighbor, suffering from cancer and very ill, the sixty-year-old had spread her viscous liquid on the staircase of the building, in the midst of a pandemic.

Her neighbors, who had been having problems with Ms. Jean for some time, had a surveillance camera installed, with the owner’s agreement.

The camera had captured the scene where we see the tenant first licking the ramp and then blowing his nose on the handrail.

The Crown prosecutor, Me Anne Gauvin, told TVA Nouvelle that Christiane Jean had received a suspended sentence and that for 1 year, she will not be able to contact or knock on the door of her neighbors who have brought complaint in this case.

In addition, Christiane Jean had to pay $ 225, or half of the costs associated with the purchase and installation of the surveillance cameras that caught her fault.

Sources explained last year that Christiane Jean was not at her first escapades and misconduct in the apartment building. She would have harmed the neighborhood in various ways.

The tenant in question, who has lived in the building for about eight years, deliberately made this gesture in early April, say the tenants who asked the agents of the Régie intermunicipale de police Roussillon to be tough on her.

The scene had been captured by a surveillance camera located in the passage of the building.


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