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According to a retail technology expert, creativity is no longer Apple's core

While Apple is still a monument to perfection for the world's tech consumers, it is still a company that makes money from products and services that revolve around its ecosystem, but from the point of view. by Greg Petro, a retail industry expert highly regarded by leading magazines such as WSJ, Fortune, Forbes, CNBC, this does not change the fact that Apple is no longer creative. Below is Petro's judgment:

Apple builds its success based on consumers' desire to buy the best and newest generation of the company – mostly the iPhone. However, with iPhone sales declining, the company began shifting to other areas of the retail industry, where complacency has pushed them to the far end of the demand curve.

The product focuses on the Apple event earlier this year, Apple Card credit card.

It's no secret that I've long been disappointed in Apple for a long time. In January, I predicted that rising device prices and alienating major innovations was not a sustainable way to continue growing businesses. In fact, we are seeing a variation with very little difference of this trend, in the opposite direction.

During the recent WWDC 2019 event of Apple, the company revealed a number of regular updates for iOS operating system for its iPhone and iPad, promoting the "Dark Mode" as well as the new applications above. phone and try to turn yourself into a service company to compensate for stagnant phone sales.

As I mentioned in January, what we are witnessing is Apple's steady and slow decline. The current situation has been predicted by Steve Jobs at the beginning of his career, when he expects Apple to follow in the footsteps of Xerox and IBM if the company "stepping out of creativity has brought them success. "

According to an expert, Apple is no longer a creative company - Photo 2.

The focus of the recent WWDC 2019 event: The new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR screen.

Yes, there are some things that are beyond the reach of the company when it comes to telephone sales, especially due to the impact of regulations. Tim Cook noted this in a letter to investors in January that phone sales would be low because of slow growth in growing markets, and he stressed in particular. to trade stress caused by the US government. But the letter also saw the markets that developed with the phrase "iPhone upgrades are not as powerful as we thought. "

However, the core of the problem with Apple is greater than selling their high-end smartphones. The company's challenge includes a simple fact: Apple is no longer creative in any other area. Apple is failing to offer something new in smartphones, apps, smart watch, or even their retail stores. And until they find a way to do so, we will continue to witness this embarrassment.

Here are a few areas that most clearly show Apple's failure:

Folding phone

The company is being left behind other rivals in many areas, including hardware. Earlier this year, Samsung and Huawei unveiled their first folding phones, with the Galaxy Fold open for sale in April, although it was postponed later.

According to an expert, Apple is no longer a creative company - Photo 3.

And while Apple is still just promising iPhone folding screens and offering a "conceptual image," Steve Wozniak himself in an interview with Bloomberg said he was worried about Samsung going ahead of them to 2. years in this area.

"Apple is not the leader in things like flip phones and it worries me because I really want to make a flip phone. You know, it is one of the new technologies that draws my attention"Wozniak said. Goldman Sachs also agrees, saying that Galaxy Folded."The main potential challenge"for Apple.

AI and smart technology

Even when consumers are increasingly dependent on smart voice command technology, but according to a recent report, Siri still doesn't catch up with other Google and Amazon virtual assistants. Michael R. Levin, co-founder of market research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, concurs with this statement, citing the small market share of HomePod in the smart speaker market.

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The smart battle, where Apple's HomePod doesn't have any advantage.

Retail stores

Apple's retail sector has recently been shaken with the announcement of the departure of no specific reason for the retailer head, Angela Ahrendts. While no one talks directly about why she left, many people mean that the current change is essential.

Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives said about this information: "It is clear that Apple needs new strategies and a potential change in this area as a catalyst for demand both inside and outside Apple's important retail stores.. "

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Angela Ahrendts, the head of Apple's retail business, left the cause unknown.

Angela Ahrendts is recruited to bring Apple stores to "new heights" and have a greater impact on surrounding communities. Ahrendts said she felt her time at Apple was hugely successful, trying to redesign stores to turn them into community meeting places, change roles and create neighborhoods. new area in store to promote Apple programs.

But maybe that's not enough. In the context of slowing sales and fewer customers, her departure may be a sign that Tim Cook is aiming to change or cut costs for retail stores, as well. may be closing down stores or cutting back on personnel, as predicted by Venturebeat.

Apple Watch

Apple remains the undisputed leader of digital devices, when it shipped to 12.8 million Apple Watch out of nearly 50 million devices in the first quarter of this year. However, Huawei is blowing heat into Apple's back. While the company has only shipped 5 million devices worn in the first quarter of this year, but according to IDC, it also represents a 282% increase over the quarter last year.

According to an expert, Apple is no longer a creative company - Photo 6.

Despite being a leader in wearable devices, Apple is being warmed by Huawei.

Meanwhile, according to IDC, Apple's increase is only 49.5% over the same period last year. Apple is clearly looking to consolidate its leading position by launching an app store exclusively for Apple Watch during WWDC. Time will answer, but ultimately catching up with Apple is probably hard to ignore.

Apple as a service

A clear sign of Apple shifting its focus to the service business is breaking its iTunes store into a more service-oriented structure by streaming music, movies and podcasts through 3. Separate application.

According to an expert, Apple is no longer a creative company - Photo 7.

iTunes was split into 3 separate services.

For me, this is like another example showing that Apple is becoming less organized and involved late in the game. While they are behind in these services, in order to succeed, they need to gain market share from the leading people in this race, (like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music and Netflix), and that real creativity is needed.

For Apple, to continue to maintain its leading position and reputation for a technology innovator, they need to do more than just tweak and upgrade existing products or rearrange the translations. current case. Apple will need to introduce and launch a completely new product line that everyone knows they won't be able to live without – and must be fast. Apple is a company created from creativity. No creativity, no Apple.

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