Accidents and incidents gamers should avoid if they do not want to lose Tet

Accidents, problems gamers should avoid if you do not want to lose fun on New Year

The Lunar New Year holiday starts, when there is more free time, gamers need to keep this in mind to avoid unfortunate things that can happen. Accidents or incidents can affect their level and health status, but in general, they leave certain trauma behind.

Fatigue, dryness and blurred vision

This is the result of having to work for a long time in front of a phone, laptop, or PC screen. This leads to symptoms of dryness, eye strain, which in turn will be more susceptible to amblyopia.

You should interval between 30 minutes to 1 hour of play time to rest your eyes, which can be used to limit the types of solutions to limit dry eyes. Besides, actively eat fruits, vegetables and drink enough water offline.

Hand burns

This is the result of the habit of playing games while charging the gamers. It is not uncommon for pitiful cases when the hands are badly burned, difficult to cure by exploding batteries.

Exploding batteries during games is a common accident

Gaming is a very battery-draining activity. Playing and charging will easily lead to problems with the internal working of the battery. When it comes to overheating, the battery easily explodes, causing injuries and accidents to the user.

Losing focus, traumatic psychology

Realistic game play requires intense concentration of gamers. However, sometimes they are unconscious with things around. The rare case of a gamer named Saurabh Yadav, 20, living in Gwalior in 2019, took the wrong poison that led to death.

Accidents and incidents gamers should avoid if they do not want to lose Tet
Excessive game play leads to delusions

In addition, excessive gaming can easily lead to hallucinations that cause paranoia in some people. Many gamers love the game to the point of being obsessed with scenes and storylines of the game.

So, this Tet holiday has free time for other useful things, to avoid overuse of game time.


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