Accidentally dropped the Galaxy S21 Ultra in his pocket to the ground from a distance of nearly 1m without a case

An editor of Digital Trends has just owned a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra for about two weeks and in an accident, he dropped the Galaxy S21 Ultra from his jacket pocket onto the hard concrete ground and in the cold weather. This editor said that he never purposely wanted to drop his phone, try a drop test or anything like that, but today he had something unfortunate. He took the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in less than two weeks, and on a dreamy Sunday in Vermont, it happened.

On a winter Sunday, the weather was about -9 degrees Celsius, the wind was strong and harsh, the editor with two layers of jacket and gloves, hat and shoes was about to go out. And in that context, it’s hard to know exactly where my phone is. In a split second, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra fell from the guy’s jacket to the ground at a distance of about 1 meter. Of course, he did not equip a case for his brand-new phone, what is the reason he wanted to feel most clearly the changes and perfection in Samsung’s design this year.

Consequently, the damage happened: it wasn’t quite as bad as he thought in his mind. With a phone so big and heavy, with two such large glass panels, it is entirely possible that a situation is cracking and breaking. However, his Galaxy still looks pretty when it lands directly and luckily the glass is not too damaged, only has a slight scratch on the screen, which is a sensitive place and manufacturers. Export always wants to improve its durability, good scratch resistance and good impact resistance. In return, the back side had suffered all the force of the fall and it cracked.

Protecting the back of the glass and the screen of the Galaxy S21 Ultra is Corning Gorilla Victus, which is the best protective glass in the current smartphone world and marks the first time that Corning’s toughened glass is both impact resistant. good while having high scratch resistance The two points that continue to be strongest and directly above the ground are the bottom left corner and the upper right corner, which is distinctly cracked and spread to the surrounding areas. However, this editor did not feel uncomfortable because of the appearance of the crack but felt normal.


He said that when he tried to photograph these cracks, he suddenly realized that at some angle we would not be able to feel its existence, i.e. not see the crack unless we tried. the situation unfolds, but in every situation it is always there, it’s just that with different angles it almost disappears.


Fortunately, the camera part of the camera doesn’t have any damage and after this incident, he realized that this was a trade-off for wanting a beautiful, luxurious and sexy design in one place. smartphone. If it were also dropped from that angle, then assuming it was a Galaxy S21 with a plastic back, it would be almost not affected at all, and that is also a strong point of the phone. glasses. The key word of this editor is that the Galaxy S21 Ultra is not a cell phone, but it has good protection for the important and essential components inside.

According to the DigitalTrends.

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