Access the Notes application directly from the lock screen on iOS 11
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Access the Notes application directly from the lock screen on iOS 11

Are you a person who often forgets things to do in the day or important tasks? So, Notes application on smartphone devices is really convenient. If you’re using iOS 11, the Notes app is even more useful when you can use it directly on the iPhone lock screen. So how to set up this feature? Let’s follow the article below!

Add Notes application shortcut to Control Center

Before you begin, make sure you have created a shortcut for the Notes application in the Control Center. The process is quite simple, you just need access Settings -> Control Center -> Customize Controls, then add control to the Notes application. If you want to know more details, please refer to the article: How to adjust the iOS 11 Control Center interface.

Find the lock screen settings for Notes

For quick access to the Notes application from the lock screen, open the application Settings and click Notes. From there, scroll down until you see the Lock screen & Control Center section, then select Access Notes From Lock Screen.

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<h3>Options when opening Notes from the lock screen</h3>
<p>You can choose between <strong>Always Create New Note</strong> (always create new notes) and <strong>Resume Last Note</strong> (continue to the last note). If you select Always Create New Note, that means you can create new notes right from the lock screen, but with Resume Last Note you will have more modes to choose from.</p>
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Option Created on Lock Screen allows you to create new notes from the lock screen on the go and allows you to add as you like. With this option, you can only access this note when it is opened from the lock screen and allow you to create or continue a note at a timer interval to keep it safe.

Option Viewed in Notes App gives you access to the Notes application itself and offers many flexible features related to taking notes and checking other notes quickly. Because this option allows you to access the entire Notes application, it is not safe because others can view your notes. However, you can secure it using Touch ID.

After selecting the quick access method for Notes that suits your needs, you can exit the settings and return to the main screen. Right now, you can check if the setup is successful by locking your iPhone screen and opening the Notes app from the lock screen. Just swipe up from the bottom of the lock screen to bring up the Control Center, then click the Notes icon to jot down what to do.

Select the Notes icon from the lock screenCreate notes in Notes from the lock screen

With the ability to open the Notes app right from the lock screen, you’ll keep up with to-do information without worrying about it.


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