Acai: benefits and calories

Acai: benefits and calories

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O açaí it is a purple fruit from the Amazon region, widely consumed by practitioners of weight training and intense physical activity. Its flavor and the possibility of combinations, however, also guarantee success with the general public. Despite its occurrence being practically only in Brazil, açaí was registered by a Japanese company in 2003 and the country only managed to recover the ‘patent’ four years later.

  • Nutritional properties of açaí

  • Benefits of açaí

  • Natural antioxidant acai

  • Açaí calories

  • Acai fattening

Nutritional properties of açaí

Açaí is a fruit quite rich in vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B1, B2 and C are present in its composition, in addition to iron, phosphorus and calcium.

Benefits of açaí

Açaí has ​​benefits for the heart health, mainly protecting against atherosclerosis, that is, the stiffening of the arteries, which affects blood circulation. In addition, it is able to reduce cholesterol, which also contributes to the proper functioning of the heart, since it prevents the accumulation of fat in the arteries.

Natural antioxidant acai

Açaí is rich in anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant that is related to a series of health benefits, such as preventing some types of cancer, strengthening the immune system and anti-inflammatory capacity. Finally, this antioxidant moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin.

Açaí calories

Unlike what many people think, açaí is not a high-calorie fruit. Each 100 grams of açaí contains only 65 calories, similar to the value present in mango and apple, fruits that do not have the bad reputation of açaí. The biggest problem with the consumption of açaí to maintain weight is the additives placed in the bowls offered in snack bars and juice shops, especially guarana extract and industrialized syrups. Always try to consume the açaí as pure as possible or mixed with other fruits.

Acai fattening

As already said, açaí is not fattening. The problem is the additives, mainly the guarana extract, mixed with the fruit pulp in juice houses. Dry açaí, in fact, can be a good aid for weight loss since it is rich in fiber and low in calories. Consuming dried açaí in a snack or added in a vitamin with skim milk and granola can be a healthy option for the period between meals.

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