Abuse on six former students Claude Guillot: a colossal task for the judge

Abuse on six former students Claude Guillot: a colossal task for the judge

It is a colossal task that awaits the judge who presided over the trial of Pastor Claude Guillot, accused of having committed physical and psychological abuse on six former students between 1983 and 2014, in Quebec and Victoriaville.

After a trial that lasted over a year and a half and was split multiple times, Crown and defense lawyers Ms.e Sonia Lapointe and Me Susan Corriveau, filed Tuesday before Judge Christian Boulet, their written pleadings.

For the public prosecutor, the pleadings take 57 pages, while in defense Mr.e Corriveau submitted a total of six volumes, while reminding the magistrate that this was an imposing task and that she had tried to do “at best”, given that there were more than “10 000 pages of stenographic notes ”.

Arrested by investigators from the Police Department of Quebec City in December 2015, the trial of Pastor Claude Guillot began in June 2018 and was originally scheduled to last three weeks.

In all, the man of the Church faces 22 charges, including assault, forcible confinement, assault causing injury, harassment, assault with a weapon and obstruction of justice.

Real prison

As part of the trial, it was possible to learn that after being fired from La Bonne Semence school in Victoriaville in the 1980s, the man had set up his penates in the Chauveau sector.

There, he had developed a school in his basement, based on the American ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) program, where different “sentences” were imposed on children who, for example, had to stand for hours. , even days.

In Guillot’s house, the windows were screwed on from the inside, the residence was watched by countless cameras, and children were sometimes deprived of food.

In September, the parties are due to meet again in court. This is when the trial judge will be able to determine when he can render his verdict.


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