refueling, cheating gas stations
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Absolutely not shout full of comments!

( When buying gasoline, most customers have the habit of shouting "filling the bottle" instead of buying an amount of gasoline in an even amount of VND 20,000 or VND 50,000. This leads to a jump in the amount of money.

If not paying attention, the way to buy gasoline full of bottles will facilitate fraudulent behavior caused by the phenomenon of money jumping. Therefore, to avoid being taken advantage of, here are 5 tips to help customers confidently come to the gas station.

1. Before pumping, we need to change the meter to 0

Many reasons for employees to leave the clock when pumping to guests, usually due to overcrowding or standing away from the pump head. In order not to be damaged, customers need to ask employees to change the clock to a "zero" limit, whether intentionally or unintentionally, to avoid the error of losing money.

2. Pay close attention when buying at gas stations

The observation will help customers control the "strange" signs (if any) of the gas station staff, and at the same time, whether the status of the number or the petrol meter is displayed enough or not. It also helps to avoid the trick of "extending the petrol pump line" limiting the visibility of customers.

3. Do not put too much gasoline at the "strange" gas stations

In unfamiliar locations, to minimize the price squeeze, buyers should estimate the fuel capacity just enough for their distance instead of overflowing.

refueling, cheating gas stations

4. Do not fill the jar

When filling up the tank, it is easy to get backward because the fuel tank always needs a suitable space for expansion (due to high heat) and excess gas and gas, thus ensuring safety for vehicles and operators. Therefore, the amount of gasoline in the actual tank is not commensurate with the money you spend.

filling gas, cheating gas stations

5. Do not pour by volume

If pumping in an even number of liters less than the fuel tank capacity will prevent gas overflow. In addition, it is advisable to choose multiple gas stations that drive a taxi or truck to experience fraud detection

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