"Above the Cliff" is going to explode! How teary is the movie where Zhang Yiyu and Wei both show the strongest acting skills?

“Above the Cliff” is going to explode! How teary is the movie where Zhang Yiyu and Wei both show the strongest acting skills?

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Never thought of watching “Above the Cliff” crying as a fool.

Fortunately, no one noticed it, because I watched the scene, almost always sobbing after the middle.

Just say the end, the last sacrifice of the whole movie.

Above the execution ground, the air almost froze, the surrounding sounds disappeared completely, and only the depressed breath in the snow could be heard.

Two people waiting to be executed, one stood, seeing death as home, the other kneeling, unable to lift his legs, and then the gunshot, a hero died, Zhou Yi’s hand, played by Yu Hewei, trembled slightly, just like that, as if In the hearts of the audience, a heavy blow.

The martyrs walked on the cliff, but died before dawn.

I really wanted to scream out, and then squeezed the sound back into my throat with my tears.

The last surviving girl on the big screen looked into the distance with tears and said, “Can we see the dawn?”

Looking around, everyone in the audience was excited with tears in their eyes. Even if the film is over, no one gets up and leaves. I know this time, the audience was really moved by Lao Mouzi.

This is Zhang Yimou’s first spy war movie. Click to open points, Maoyan 9.2, Taoping ticket 9.1, word-of-mouth burst.

What is more valuable than word of mouth is that he, who challenged the spy war for the first time, not only produced a mature, solid and good-looking commercial blockbuster, but also made what he said, a special spy war movie.

Why did “Above the Cliff” do it? The answer may be two words: truth.

Throughout the movie, I didn’t seem to be sitting in the cinema, but going back to the years when the martyrs left the last bullet for themselves, and witnessed how the group of incognito people did something earth-shattering.

Lao Mouzi, not only on the cliff, but also on the supremacy of faith.

This kind of spy war movie is so good to cry.

Really photographed

The beginning of the film is a self-surrender caused by a betrayal by a traitor.

In the ice city of Harbin, a mission team composed of four agents of our party sneaked into the secret operation code-named “Utra”. But from the moment they sneaked in, the enemy and the puppet had already set up traps, waiting to be wiped out.

This opening set the tone for the whole film: For the soldiers who sneak in, this is a “mortal” action.

However, on the cliff, the revolutionaries did not have the right to choose their own life and death.

Zhang Yimou skillfully used fast editing and the combination of civil and martial arts to shoot a battle of life and death in the Syracuse, making it extremely tense and hearty.

The open line is how Zhang Xianchen and others, played by Zhang Yi, break through the enemy’s control, get out of the predicament, and complete the mission; the hidden line is the undercover lurking in the enemy and the puppet. How to deal with the enemy’s search for undercover and at the same time destroy the enemy’s search operations and assist The task team gets away.

For the undercover warrior, this is a cruel performance.

Facing the enemy’s suspicion and temptation, you must act calmly and calmly. As long as one flaw, it may be overwhelming. Between talking and laughing, life and death will occur in a flash. The most difficult thing is to face the sacrifice of Wang Chuliang and other comrades in arms, played by Zhu Yawen, but also to perform that calm, white snow, life and death separated.

In this confrontation of chess and dangerous moves, the protagonists’ survival and bite have become more and more intense with time, and the story will overturn the audience’s presupposition again and again. In the end, everyone’s fate ends unexpectedly.

In order to make this movie, Lao Mouzi resolutely decided to insist on real-life shooting under sub-zero freezing conditions. He also reproduced the 30,000 square meters of Harbin in the 1930s in a 1:1 ratio, recreating Central Street, Madieer Hotel, Landmark buildings such as the Commercial Library and Asia Cinema (still still).

Why do you want to shoot like this?

What Zhang Yimou wants is to create the environment that the group of people have actually lived in, the land they have set foot on, the ice and snow they have encountered, and finally, to make the names on the unknown tablet come alive.

They should also have their own lives, with partners, children, and concerns, but they took the initiative to devote themselves to this bloody arena, on this cliff of life and death.

What is this group of people pictured?

Act moved

As the screenwriter Quan Yongxian said, “Above the Cliff” not only shows the confrontation between the enemy and ourselves during the spy war, but also discusses and portrays the complexity of people, people’s reactions in extreme situations, and encounters in desperate situations.

And Zhang Yimou once said, “Above the Cliff is strictly a group drama”.

What “On the Cliff” really wants to shoot is a group portrait of unsung heroes. Not only does it want to shoot people, but it also needs to portray the arc of each character’s role——

It is necessary to draw the dragon, but also to do the finishing touch.

Zhang Xianchen, played by Zhang Yi, is the backbone of the Utra team.

Zhang Yi’s creation of characters is actually a process of peeling onions.

At the beginning of this character, his facial expressions were almost cold.

When bidding farewell to his wife Wang Yu, Zhang Yi removed the first onion of the character: reluctant to give up.

The only thing the husband and wife said was: if you are alive, go find your child.

Because of the war, the separated children of the couple became the deepest thoughts in each other’s hearts. But Zhang Xianchen can only turn his love for his wife and relatives into a kind of belief, and hold it in his heart, for a moment, pull it out and miss it for a second.

It was precisely because he wanted to take a look at the child that the most capable agent was finally arrested after revealing his flaws. So in the most shocking scene of the film, Zhang Xianchen was tortured by the enemy to extract a confession.

This is the cruelest scene in the film, but some viewers said that this is the most touching scene in the film.

A warrior who had been able to get a one-stop ten, was stripped of his clothes, beaten, shocked, and injected with hallucinogens.

Everything is not fictitious, but the torture that was actually used on revolutionary martyrs back then.

However, what Zhang Yimou wanted to create was not a perfect hero who would rather die than surrender. It is a real “person” with flesh and blood.

In the real desperate situation, there is no myth of getting out of the desperate situation. Fear is the most instinctive response to death.

But at the moment of crisis, Zhang Yi peeled off the second onion of the role: heroes will not fade due to instinctive fear. On the contrary, fear and pain are only used to witness the solidification of the revolutionary “belief”.

I was also moved by Qin Hailu’s crying scene.

During the process of being under house arrest by the spies, she cried silently in the bathroom of the ward alone.

Only then did the audience realize that she, who had been motionless, also had such a fragile and helpless moment.

“The collapse of adults happens silently.” Isn’t the female warrior played by Qin Hailu the epitome of those revolutionary predecessors who are eager to dawn and forget their lives?

But the only thing that worries the audience is the action team facing the cliff?

Don’t forget, there is another group of people dancing on the cliff.

There is a scene in the film that can be described as the most intriguing rivalry of the year, with extremely high acting skills.

Zhou Yi, played by Yu Hewei, sits in the front row of the car, and Zhang Xianchen, played by the arrested Zhang Yi, sits in the back seat covered with scars.

The two people in the carriage, with the most calm and calm attitude, agreed on the next plan. And this plan also determines the life and death of one of them.

This is not only a performance on the cliff, but also a relay between life and life of the two revolutionaries.

The question is the phrase “You are more valuable than anyone to live now” in the voice of Zhang Yiruo Yousi.

True faith is silent.

It’s not a halo set off by violent rendering. It is the determination that is tempered in the choices and decisions time and time again.

China is so well protected by the bravest people because when there is a need to shed blood and blood, the so-called hero has no hesitation.

But the greatest hero is also the most human person.

When they were placed in an extreme situation and constantly squeezed, they were forced to shine with real humanity.

Yu Hewei, who was unimpressive in the whole movie, only had one scene in which he performed Zhou Yi’s collapse. It was the scene where a comrade in arms swallowed poison and killed himself but was helpless.

No crashing howling, and no brainless screaming.

The camera stays on Hewei’s face like this.

A man who has walked on the cliff for many years and exhausted all his strength to restrain himself can no longer hold himself, but even the collapse in this dark night is silent.

But because of the silence, Yu Hewei’s performance became more and more inspiring, worry, pain, and self-blame. These three emotions are progressive, like ocean waves, wave after wave, rushing into the hearts of the audience.

Trapped in the purgatory of the most evil, in my heart, on the contrary, the belief in the most good is cultivated. This kind of good is three-dimensional and credible.

They love the land under their feet and love those lovely people, so they have weaknesses.

It is these weaknesses that allow the audience to be infinitely close to these roles and understand what those struggles, choices, and sacrifices mean.

They did not spare their lives, but to protect the country of more people. It’s not that I don’t want to be reunited, but I chose to guard it.

If there is no real humanity, talk about He iron-blooded heroes.

It is also thanks to actors like Zhang Yiyu and Wei who interpret the character’s mood on the edge of life and death, the endless sense of loneliness and the determination to give up life so delicately and so touchingly.

The reason why the movie can inspire so many tears in the audience is also because these good actors work together to perform a secret battle, which concretizes the image and spirit of the unsung hero.

Some audience commented: “Every actor seems to be born for a role.”

The true heart of the movie

Since the screening, the praise of “Above the Cliff” has hardly stopped.

Moving people is inseparable from the sincerity of the film from the actors to behind the scenes.

The people in these movies have lived literally in the age far away from us, while Zhang Yimou and his actors are trying to find the footprints of the heroes.

In the behind-the-scenes special, Ni Dahong said to the camera: “They are like stars in the sky, I don’t know which star”.

Yu Hewei said, “They have some cold that others can’t realize.”

Harbin in the film was once a real battlefield. There was also a group of red agents who had received special training to sneak into Harbin.

According to statistics, in modern times, the number of Chinese martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for the country is about 20 million, of which only 1.96 million are named.

It was the countless Zhang Xianchen from that era, who came from all over the world and went to death generously. They didn’t even leave their hometown and name. They didn’t seem to tell the world–I had been here.

However, these stars should never be forgotten, because there are these unsung heroes with firm beliefs, and we who are watching movies can share a gentle starry sky.

The flesh and blood of the movie is that it allows you to see the living individuals in history and also touches the struggle and brilliance of human nature.

The most touching thing about the movie is precisely that it carries such vigorous emotions and expresses it with such restraint. Even at the end of the reunion of mother and son, they are treated so tenderly and not deliberately.

But when I walked out of the cinema, I can still recall the fierce heartbeat and moving tears in those 120 minutes, and I can’t wait to do it twice.

For me, this is a real national movie.

The hero who “leaves the last bullet to himself” deserves to be remembered and paid tribute to everyone when he looks up at the starry sky.

And this kind of movie is also worthy of being seen by more people. Whether it is our parents or children, we should go to the cinema to have a look. Behind the comfortable lives of our generations, what kind of group of people have lived? For the proof, give up your life and move forward.

As Director Zhang Yimou said: “Whether it is death or life, it is amazing that people struggle for faith.”

What exactly do these people believe in? Perhaps in the movie, the final farewell dialogue between Zhang Yi and Liu Haocun on the balcony before the action is the answer——

“Do you know what Utra means? It means’dawn’ in Russian.”

Because Zhang Xianchen sacrificed before dawn, we who are sitting in the cinema with tears streaming down today can be happy after dawn.

And the back figure walking alone on the vast snow is always worthy of our most sincere salute.

Watching this movie is to never forget this background, this group of people.


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