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Words like Vulkan, DirectX are probably very familiar to computer users, especially programmers or gamers. We also often see in the presentation of discrete graphics of “big” players like Nvidia or AMD, there will always be a period of time for the representatives of the parties to talk about Vulkan and DirectX. So can we understand what Vulkan and DirectX are in the daily use of computers?

First of all, to be able to know the functions of Vulkan and DirectX, we need to know API (Application Programming Interface – also known as programming interface), basically this is a tool that programmers. will work so that the hardware and software will act together like gears. For ease of understanding

Going back to the main topic, what will DirectX and Vulkan have to do with APIs and user activities on PC and gaming?

Vulkan is the “successor” of OpenGL, which is a graphics API’s Khronos group, including companies like AMD, NVIDIA, Intel, AMD, Sony and Google … were created to counterbalance and compete with DirectX. This API is geared towards 3D graphics applications (like video games) and interactive media. Compared to its biggest competitor, DirectX, Vulkan has better compatibility with many different operating systems. Vulkan also contains the entire source code for an API earlier, Mantle, developed by AMD, so games running Vulkan tend to favor AMD GPUs.

In parallel with Vulkan we have DirectX, is a set of APIs for handling multimedia related tasks (including games) developed by Microsoft. They control things like graphics, 3D rendering, audio processing and so on, almost everything you can hear and see when communicating with a computer on Windows operating system is due to DirectX control. The latest version of DirectX, DirectX 12, is only fully compatible with Windows 10.

The product “growers Microsoft should DirectX only runs on Windows and Xbox systems so game developers will only be able to use DirectX for these platforms.” For other platforms like PlayStation and MacOS they will have to switch to a different set of APIs. However, despite its limitations in terms of cross-platform compatibility, because it is specialized for those platforms, DirectX is very well optimized.


With DirectX:


  • Developed by Microsoft, it will be compatible with Windows operating system.
  • Extremely widely used by developers and far more popular than its main rival, Vulkan.


  • Only runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems and Microsoft products
  • DirectX 12 is only fully compatible with Windows 10.
  • DirectX 12 is only fully compatible with Nvidia GPUs from Maxwell generation (900 series) onwards and AMD GPUs from 7300 onwards.

DirectX is very well optimized on Microsoft platforms but is not compatible with multiple platforms, the latest DX12 only supports new hardware.

With Vulkan:


  • Vulkan supports older NVIDIA hardware such as GPUs from 600 series, AMD GPUs from 7700 onwards.
  • Allows deep GPU intervention to optimize performance.
  • Eat less CPU resources than competitor DirectX.
  • Cross-platform compatible. Works well not only with Windows operating system, but also PlayStation, MacOS, SteamOS or even the operating system platform on mobile devices as well.


  • Less popular than DirectX.
  • Optimization is not really good for hardware of the “green team” NVIDIA.



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