About Samsung S20 Ultra 5 camera cluster: 108MP sensor, zoom100x, 8K recording 33MP cropped image from video

-> Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a new flagship phone belonging to a separate first line of Samsung, it is also classified with a higher segment than the Plus line of the newly launched Galaxy S20. Regarding the hardware configuration of the integrated camera, it is integrated with a completely new hardware with a very high configuration, it can be said that it brings the highest configuration to the current camera on the phone and it is completely not shared. What’s with 2 S20 / S20 + juniors that debuted together.

The most striking feature of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the 5-megapixel camera cluster with 108MP image sensor on the main camera cluster and the ability to zoom up to 100x on the telephoto camera cluster with the periscope design and 8K video recording capability.


Regarding the main camera cluster, we have a 108MP wide-angle camera configuration with 26mm equivalent focal length, large aperture of f / 1.8, fast phase-detection capability with built-in optical stabilization. Despite using such a large sensor, we actually only capture the actual image of only 12MP due to the technology of combining 9 pixels into 1 to give a larger pixel size, up to 2.4μm pixels, for the ability to shoot dark or underexposed conditions much better than their previous generations.


S20 Ultra is capable of recording videos with up to 8K resolution, you can upload directly to Youtube or can watch on TV with large 8K resolution currently. Now easy with very high detail. The anti-shake on the S20 Ultra is equipped with Super Steady 2.0 anti-shake technology that promises smooth videos similar to when you use a standalone dolly, for a much better quality and professional phone video.

Regarding the next telephoto camera cluster on the S20 Ultra, this is the first time on Samsung phones to be equipped with a camera cluster with a periscope design like on submarines, for the ability to zoom further, preserve cost. Better image detail that saves a lot of hardware design space.


The telephoto camera on the S20 Ultra has a large 48MP photo sensor with 102mm equivalent focal length, f / 3.6 aperture, large 1/2 “sensor size, phase-detection fast focusing capability, built-in optical stabilization. Similar to the main camera cluster, the telephoto camera cluster also uses 4-to-1 pixel aggregation technology to make the pixel size larger, up to 0.8μm pixels so in fact we only capture the final image with a resolution of 12MP come on.


The next special feature on the telephoto camera cluster is the ability to zoom large, up to 100x, in which the actual optical zoom capability is only 4x equivalent to the 102mm focal length, the ability to hybrid Hybrid Optic Zoom up to 10x is equivalent to 260mm focal length and finally 100x Super Resolution Zoom digital zoom that combines telephoto and wide-angle cameras for images with high detail for subjects at extremely far distances, equivalent to focus range 2600mm.


The remaining main camera cluster is a camera with ultra-wide angle of 12 MP with 13mm equivalent focal length, large aperture of f / 2.2, large pixel size of 1.4 pixelm pixels, integrated autofocus capability and resistance to Super Steady vibration when recording videos.

In addition, we also see two small, secondary lenses under the LED flash and the wide-angle main camera side is the DepthVision sensor that helps measure depth, supporting the separation of portrait photography.

On the front is a selfie camera with an equally large sensor, up to 40MP. Still using 4-to-1 pixel aggregation technology to make the pixel size larger, up to 1.4μm pixels so we actually only took the final image with 10MP resolution, but offset it for photos taken with details and handling capabilities are much better than the S20 and S20 +. The selfie camera on the S20 Ultra is also the largest resolution camera available for phone cameras, not counting phones that use the main camera on the back to take selfies.


Above are the highlights of Samsung S20 Ultra camera hardware, photography software, on the S20 Ultra also upgraded from the photography UI of previous flagships, but there are still more upgrades.

About the ability to obtain high image details of a 108MP sensor


This is a full 12MP photo on the S20 Ultra, below are two cases of zooming up to see details of people far away

Full - Zoom-1-S20-Ultra.jpg

100x zoom capability on the S20 Ultra


This is a panoramic shot of the beach action at 1x 23mm focal length


And this is a switch to hybrid 10x Hybrid Optic Zoom mode for images with sharp resolution and high-quality bbaro detail.


This is an image taken with AI-powered 100x Super Resolution Zoom, we can see the image capturing the moment the glasses-wearing dog sits on a blanket on the beach, the details are generally acceptable. However, the image is for illustrative purposes only, we need a complete machine that will test more carefully before we can comment correctly.

Better dark shooting capability with Night mode:


Even in low light, the camera system on the S20 Ultra helps you capture more beautiful, brighter images using AI in combination with a large sensor by taking multiple photos at once, stitching them together and producing them. Best-in-class photos with minimal blur and noise.

Pro mode more professional


If you are not satisfied with Night mode, you also have Pro mode like previous models, so you can customize parameters for photos or videos easily. when using DSLR cameras like the ability to adjust ISO, shutter speed, EV, …

8K video recording mode
The S20 Ultra can record videos at 8K resolution, the largest on phones today, to make it easier to imagine, with 8K resolution it is 4 times larger than the current 4K recording resolution and larger 16 times more than FullHD, which means it produces much higher detail. You can easily upload this 8K video to Youtube and share it with your friends to watch on current 8K resolution TVs.


In addition, such a high resolution also allows you to capture still images during and after recording videos with up to 33MP ultra-clear images from 8K recorded videos.


Super Steady 2.0 stabilization mode

The anti-shake on the S20 Ultra is equipped with Super Steady 2.0 anti-shake technology that promises smooth videos similar to when you use a standalone dolly, for a much better quality and professional phone video.

Advanced AI technology helps stabilize every movie like a true journey camera.

Built-in video editing features directly in the device to help you easily cut, add subtitles, music … without having to use other third-party applications.

Single Take shooting mode

Single Take mode will allow you to capture a video with a duration of 10 seconds of surrounding activities, this mode will simultaneously activate all DepthVision cameras and sensors simultaneously and then use AI to analyze and give the best picture suggestions with different frames and sizes for you to choose, not need to capture many different cases.


In addition to the way the shooting and recording feature is on, the S20 Ultra also has the ability to Share everything with friends around at the same time up to 5 people without having to pair in advance, very convenient when you want to share photos, videos shot Be with friends around.


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