About home nostalgia when Tet comes spring

Here are some facts about the loneliness and nostalgia for those who celebrate Tet far away from home during the Lunar New Year of the Lunar New Year 2020.

1. How many more years will your child be welcome to welcome New Year’s Eve? 1 time only 1 time like that, then these years still go on that day. Relatives in the distance can not do anything! Remember your parents, looking forward to a reunion day!

2. Life goes by with difficulties and obstacles, what I long for is simply to be with my mother and father.

3. I miss my unconditional love from my parents, from scolding or even helping when I have difficulties. Looking forward to the New Year will be reunited. Overseas, rice is hard to eat, I will still try, looking forward to the same day my family welcomes New Year’s Eve. But I am far away from my parents!

Tet holiday away from home

4. Self-reliance is not an easy path. But, homesick, missing parents, remembering the scene gathered around the tray of feast all year round!

5. Away from home helps us grow, grow and be stronger, right?

6. Far from being more mature, but still so lonely!

7. New Year’s Eve alone with an empty room, facing 4 walls, tears still lingering on your eyes.

8. Today, the family is so reverent, so happy!

9. Going away then you will miss the taste of Tet homeland. Remember the aromatic smell of the freshly made steamed rice cakes still flying. Remember the flavor of mother jam made from the 28th

10. Remember the last day of the year doing footwork for moms to go to Tet market, tired but happy. Seeing the bustling atmosphere of Tet around.

11. I remember New Year’s Eve parties with the family. All year round only on this occasion my extended family is so full.

12. I miss the sound of fireworks in New Year’s Eve, I miss the sound of children playing and running from house to house. Remember the last red envelopes, remember the New Year pagodas with your parents …

Stt eating Tet away from home

13. This Tet, I’m not going back, Mom …

Apricot blossom in the afternoon rain

Mommy! I miss New Year’s Eve

Not about burning incense

14. My heart wells to forgive the people of the land

So I’m not going back this year

How to dispel nostalgia

Mom and Dad were waiting all night

15. Come to Tet this year

Quietly I trudged myself

Quietly his new year’s eve

Quietly his son another spring

Quietly his children Tet far from home

16. Mom, did the peach blossom?

Young bud buds have just not Tet

Perhaps the flowers are in bright pink

A little chilly winter will remain

17. Father, please understand me

This Lunar New Year holiday is not full of filial piety

Far from the heart of poverty

Place where the relative is staying

18. This New Year peaches bloom fresh

The company locked up on the 10th

Knowing parents weary and weary

Banh chung probably leaves only

I’ve eaten all sorts of strange things

But crave the taste of the old times

May parents have excess

Mental health as never old

1 wish … in the distance

Elderly seniors all his family always

19. This morning, when I opened my eyes, the cold air hit the bonus face with a bunch of emotions “craving Tet”. This feeling is only felt by people away from home.

20. Tet this year is different from last year’s Tet. Every time people wake up, it’s time to work. Away from home away from home. At this moment, I feel that being an adult is so difficult, so I still want to hang out. They went to work, I went to work in tears ……

21. Tet holiday away from home sad and miss my family too!

All day sitting in the afternoon, you will step out of the house. Living in a foreign land, people have not yet felt the true meaning with the traditional Tet holiday.

22. These days, Tet atmosphere is bustling, flooding everywhere. Tet brings a lot of emotions to people with many pieces of life and destiny. Somewhere is the hustle and bustle of footsteps mixed with joy and joy when returning home. But somewhere there is a sigh, hiccup of self-pity when having to celebrate New Year away from family and friends.

  • Good stt, mood for those who are lonely
  • Great stt for those who are away from home


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