Abdominal surgery and admire the “giant” camera cluster of Galaxy S20 Ultra

Recently, iFixit has performed the post “dissection” of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra flagship. Viewers will be able to admire the structure of the “giant” camera that the company has put into this machine.

“Abdominal surgery” Galaxy S20 Ultra camera

Talking a bit about the parameters, Galaxy S20 has a 3 camera cluster. The main sensor has a resolution of 108MP f1.8 aperture, 12MP ultra wide angle camera, 48MP zoom camera for 100x zoom capabilities. The front camera of the device also has a super resolution of 40MP.

Abdominal surgery and admire the

Start with the 108MP main camera. This is the ISOCELL Bright HM1 sensor, which has twice the area of ​​the main sensor on the iPhone 11 Pro. With pixel lumping technology, the device is capable of producing 12MP photos with outstanding light capture capability. Ultra wide angle camera is no different from other models on the market.

The most noticeable part is the structure of the zoom camera. Its structure reminds people of the submarine viewfinder. This camera is integrated with a prism to refract light 90 degrees, going into the sensor is perpendicular to the back. Because of such structure, Samsung can “cram” long focal length into a compact space. This lens offers up to 4X optical zoom. By combining hardware and algorithms, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has the “divine” 100X magnification.

Video of abdominal surgery also let viewers admire the “internal organs” of Galaxy S20 Ultra. We also see a very good quality finishing of Samsung when the components are fastened by glue and screw. However, that’s why iFixit only assesses the ease of repair of 3/10 machines.


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