Aaron Kwok revealed that he would have 200 rolls per night and chocolate abdominal muscles to beat small meat!

Aaron Kwok revealed that he would have 200 rolls per night and chocolate abdominal muscles to beat small meat!

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Nowadays, small traffic is in power

Many people have neither strength nor body

But with the cookie-cutter appearance, it became popular…

Looking at another group of people

Their self-discipline for decades

With excellent strength and strict body management

Become the enduring god of men in people’s hearts

Aaron Kwok is one of them

In a show earlier

Uranus once exposed himself before going to bed every night

Will definitely make 200 rolls

I saw him hanging his legs in the air

Tuck a pillow between your legs

Lift your shoulders off the bed

Then contract the abdominal muscles quickly

After finishing, the king picked up his clothes and touched it

I saw the chocolate-colored abdominal muscles showing up

No excess fat on the entire waist and abdomen

The muscle lines are clear as if they have been carved with a knife and axe

Netizens see this abdominal muscle

I also lamented his self-discipline

“Too self-discipline, success is not without reason!!”

“Sigh, I’m too self-disciplined. As a king of heaven, I can retire and eat, drink and have fun everywhere.”

“Guo Tianwang has 200 push-ups before going to bed. Liu Tianwang has insisted on eating only chicken breasts for decades. These are people who control their bodies with their souls.”

How self-discipline is Aaron Kwok?

1. The weight must be 63 kg

In an interview, Aaron Kwok said

“If you weigh more than 64, you want to die!

Immediately go to exercise, until the control reaches 63 before going to sleep. “

Although it sounds a bit exaggerated

But it can be seen that the king of heaven is indeed very strict

2. Run in the hotel room in the early morning

Aaron Kwok’s sports requirements for himself are

At least 2 hours a day at the gym or outdoor exercise

However, it is difficult to ensure regular exercise during filming

But even if it’s not until the early morning,

He will insist on doing some exercises and then rest

3. Begin to refrain from eating and drinking half a year before the concert

In order to be in perfect condition during the concert

Aaron Kwok will enter the period of restrained eating half a year ahead of schedule

Keep eating sugar-free, low-fat, and high-protein foods

The recipe is as bleak as a bodybuilder’s preparation diet

Aaron Kwok, 55, has a 25-year-old body

At an earlier concert

He once took off his jacket to show off his figure

Showing a dark and strong muscle

Keep body fat at around 10% all year round

Chest muscles, abdominal muscles, inverted triangle everything

He seems to have inexhaustible energy

Jump from start to end in a concert

And keep it full of energy

Once, he also played a mobile roller on the spot

You know, this is specially used by the Air Force to train pilots

This pair of core and limb strength

And anti-vertigo ability have high requirements

It can be seen that the physical fitness of the king is really superb

Maybe this is what an idol should be

Always face everyone in the best state

Continue to prove with professionalism and self-discipline

The harder you work, the more outstanding you are


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