a youtubeur plays in 72p on a PC with a GT 710

What if Horizon Zero Dawn was a pixel art game? A YouTuber had the idea to test the performance of the entry-level GT 710 graphics card on Horizon Zero Dawn. He gradually decreased the resolution of the game until it reached 72p, or 128 × 72 pixels.

After having been a PlayStation 4 exclusive For more than three years, Horizon Zero Dawn was finally released on PC on August 7, 2020. Available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store, the game has the distinction of having a very advanced resolution option. Indeed, gamers can decrease their resolution to 72p, the smallest resolution possible.

Horizon Zero Dawn en 72p à 20 FPS
Horizon Zero Dawn in 72p at 20 FPS – Credit: zWORMz Gaming / YouTube

Thus, the youtubeur ” zWORMz Gaming Came up with the idea of ​​testing the resolutions offered by Horizon Zero Dawn with an NVIDIA graphics card, but not just any graphics card. It is indeed a GT 710 with 2 GB of VRAM renowned for its very affordable price of around 40 euros. It is obviously not a card dedicated to video games. It especially allows older PCs to benefit from an HDMI output, for example.

Play Horizon Zero Dawn in 72p with 20 FPS, it’s possible

In the video shared on YouTube, the youtubeur tests 5 different resolutions, namely 1920 × 1080, 1280 × 720, 640 × 360, 256 × 144 and 128 × 72. Of course, he chose to display the textures in the lowest quality. While the majority of gamers prefer the highest resolutions like Hitman 3 which runs in 4K on the Xbox Series X, the youtubeur is having fun getting as high a number of FPS as possible.

In 72p on Horizon Zero Dawn he managed to reach on average between 16 and 26 FPS. He was also able to shoot down a robot despite the pixel slurry. By way of comparison, the Game Boy Advance released in 2001 had a color screen of 240 × 160 pixels. The quality of its display was therefore superior to that of Horizon Zero Dawn in 72p.

We already showed you an artist-made pixel art version of The Last of Us last month, but this one wasn’t playable since it was just a scene. We also cannot really say that Horizon Zero Dawn is playable in 72p since it is almost impossible to decipher anything on the screen, except the heroine Aloy and its bow.

Source : The Verge

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