a virtual reality headset to compete with the Oculus Quest

Lenovo is expected to return to the world of standalone virtual reality headsets. The company has just applied for certification for its future VR3030S after the failure of its Mirage Solo.

Image 1: Lenovo: a virtual reality headset to compete with the Oculus Quest

Lenovo so did not give up after the commercial failure of the Mirage Solo created in partnership with Google and presented at CES 2 years ago.

Lenovo resumes the adventure with a new autonomous VR headset

It hasn’t always been rosy for Lenovo in the unforgiving world of virtual reality headsets dominated by the big names in the sector that are Oculus and HTC and everyone’s trying to get their share of the pie. Even the console builders got started: Sony with PlayStation VR which will be good on PS5 and Nintendo with its VR Kit Lab on Switch. Microsoft however would leave it aside for its future Xbox. The Mirage Solo, however interesting on paper, suffered from the choice of the Google Daydream platform, unable to compete with that of Oculus in terms of content.

Never mind, Lenovo returns with a new standalone virtual reality headset, the VR3030S. That means it works without being connected to a computer or console, like the imageOculus Quest who can however connect if necessary. The Chinese manufacturer will therefore once again use its expertise in the design of virtual reality headsets after those sold under its brand, Mirage AR and Mirage Solo, but also the Oculus Rift S of which he was the manufacturer.

Aside from his 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, probably for joysticks, the document published by the FCC tells us nothing about the design or, more interestingly, about the platform which this time will be chosen by Lenovo. It could be that of Valve ” Steam VR“, That of Microsoft”Windows Mixed Reality“Or even directly that of Facebook, or rather of its branchOculus.

Source: The Verge

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