A video brought fire to “Hell on Earth”, then what?

You have probably seen “The Story of World War II: A Chinese Player Commanding the Allied Forces of the Asian Service” by LC Sura, the UP main of Station B. It was indeed a wonderful video, but everyone, including Sura herself, didn’t expect the huge impact it would bring.

Anyone who has appreciated this story can appreciate its goodness. In a simulated World War II 50v50 game called “Hell on Earth”, Sura was appointed as a temporary commander in the face of a critical situation. On the one hand, he actively contacted and integrated comrades from the mainland, Taiwan, and even Europe and the United States. Calmly gave tactical instructions and continued to boost morale, and finally all the way to help the building will lead his teammates to victory.

The wonderful and meticulous implementation of tactics, the trust and cooperation of friendly forces with different temperaments, the passion for advancing the battle line step by step from defeat to victory, and occasional jokes such as “the commander personally shoots the enemy” are almost enough to copy. The elements and bridges that enter the movie are condensed in a short film of less than 20 minutes.

“Military talents who are proficient in both Chinese and English and even understand German”, “Taiwan compatriots who dare to fight and fight under our command can be called the elite of the national army”… With these gimmicks, under the hype of social media, the video is broadcast. After breaking one hundred thousand and one million, Sula’s fans have also increased from one hundred thousand, to two hundred thousand, and now to 780,000.

From station B: daily report on the number of UP main fans

At a similar point, Sura, the party concerned, chose the rapids to retreat. He hid the video, changed his nickname, and suddenly, everything seemed to have never happened again. In his own words, there are more and more meaningless rumors. Many people use his name in other game videos or live broadcast platforms. Personal privacy is gradually in crisis. He “has to choose to withdraw this video temporarily.” .

All major platforms are rumored to be studying in the command department of the National Defense Science and Technology University

But this story that has made countless people’s hearts excited does indeed exist. One of its most significant impacts on the real world is that it put “Hell on Earth” on the top of the best-selling list two years ago.

“From Sura” represents a kind of identity recognition for these new players. It means that they are attracted and inspired by the same story and have the same expectations for the game, and then want to go in person. Experience the same battlefield in the story.

But any player with a bit of experience should understand that other people’s world and mine are completely different things. Soon, the complaints against the newcomers who flocked to them intensified.

“Hell on Earth” is a realistic first-person shooter with a very hard core positioning. Maps, units, vehicles and equipment all need to be recognized, and more importantly, it pays great attention to teamwork, and giving up communication is almost surrendering. ——This is also the reason why Sura, who is coordinating the strategy as a commander, appears so dazzling in the story.

However, not all players are as bilingual or as proficient in multiple languages ​​as Sura. When they flooded into English servers outside the Asia-Pacific, not communicating or swiping the screen in Chinese became the only choice.

On Reddit, there have been many posts calling for Chinese players to be banned in the “Hell on Earth” section. The reason is nothing more than the influx of a large number of Chinese level 1 players who cannot communicate and the game cannot be played normally-quite a number of such posts have already been involved. Discrimination against Asians was removed by management.

However, it is true that the status quo that cannot communicate so that the game experience of both parties is very poor does exist. As a result, some friendly foreign players even tried to list some short Chinese-English phrases (and pinyin) for English players who want to communicate with Chinese players to paste in the game.

Of course, if there is no response to these attempts, use this short sentence.

Another problem caused by the influx of Chinese players is plug-ins. This is something that all players who normally play games, both inside and outside, hate it.

A Reddit user described such a story in a large paragraph of text. In 2016, he and his father started contacting PUBG, which is still very popular. After a period of running-in, their cooperation in the game became very tacit, which even eased the tense father-son relationship between them.

Then, the plug-in took over the game. Open players with Chinese IDs kill them over and over again. They try to enter different game modes, but they are all plug-ins. Ironically, only when they are teammates with open players with Chinese IDs. , They have the opportunity to eat chicken. He gave up PUBG because of this, but his father insisted on it (perhaps because the two people had a happy time in the team). In short, the father and son had no chance to return to the intimacy at that time. This became his insistent request to ban the “world The reason for Hell in China.

A post next door praised the Chinese player also mentioned the problem of plug-ins. He is an old player of “Hell on Earth”. He understands the destruction of the game environment caused by the influx of a large number of Chinese players into the English-speaking area. At the same time, he also hates the outsiders: “All hackers and his family should mother fucker” died).

But he also said that he likes this game. It is true that many Chinese players are destroying the gaming experience of others, but quite a few of the same group of people are playing seriously and are willing to respect others. The hate speeches that are completely targeted at the region make him feel sad…

This ordinary Chinese player finally gained a lot of comfort. It’s just that the saying “open the whole family to death” confused many foreign friends. He explained this: Chinese people value the family very much, so “orphans” or “the whole family is dead” is a vicious curse. The highest comment that was liked expresses a high degree of agreement with this statement.

Don’t learn kids

The part of “Hell on Earth” ends here, let’s mention Sura at the end.

Just after New Year’s Day this year, when Sura was still a relatively unremarkable UP master in the game zone, he mentioned in a column the reasons why he became UP master:

I set up this channel myself, really because of the epidemic. In March, when the daily fixed scientific research schedule was interrupted by an order to work at home, I suddenly seemed to have a lot of time, and the fact that I could not travel or go out also made me have to surround my computer. Organize my life. So I decided to jump out of my own comfort zone and learn new technologies. After thinking about it, I realized that I have stayed here for five years. I already have a lot of insights in my mind. I also have a lot of new ideas to express. So learning how to make videos has become a very Attractive options.

After studying Pr and Ae tensely for a month, Sura just wobbled on the road. His major is bioengineering and computer. The original intention of making videos is to jump out of the comfort zone and express his ideas. “Fire out of the circle” is the dream of many people, but for him it may be more trouble than surprise.

To give the simplest example, he has repeatedly stated in the video that the victory is won by everyone, and it is an honor to be able to command everyone. This is a victory achieved by unity across geographical, language, and even conceptual barriers. As a result, domestic players arranged his identity, edited and put together video clips to “raise our prestige” in order to demonstrate the attitude of “Chinese players” over the “Asian Server Allied Forces”; foreign players treat Chinese like locusts crossing the border for fear of avoiding It was too late, so that I would kick out of the game when I saw Chinese id, and even proposed to block the country.

Su La decided to keep his original intentions, and so-“The new semester is now starting, and I will not spend much time on video for the time being.”

This is probably why he changed his nickname from “LC Sura” to “QuaestorSura” and then to “QuaestorFelix”. These three names all point to Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix, the first lifelong dictator in Rome. “Quaestor” refers to the elected officials and financial officers of the Roman Republic-that is the identity of Sulla who changed Rome in the future when he entered the stage of history. starting point.

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