Image 1: Lenovo Ideapad S340 at 482 €: a versatile laptop at a low price
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a versatile laptop at a low price

The Lenovo Ideapad S340 has a nice discount on the Buy on Google site. Usually sold at 699 €, it goes to 599 € for sales. A price that can be further optimized by combining Lenovo’s € 70 reduction offer as well as the 8% additional reduction applied by Buy on Google. In the end, we arrive at € 482.

€ 482 for such a well-equipped machine is a gift. The S340 is a 15.6 inch PC. Its aluminum chassis does not reinvent the wheel, but offers a neat finish. There is a connector supplied with an HDMI output, an SD port, two USB-A, a USB-C and a mini-jack outing. It displays a TN Full HD panel. This may be the problem. According to some tests, it is not well calibrated and has poor contrast, colorimetry and brightness. A fine adjustment nevertheless makes it possible to reduce these faults.

For the rest, we are dealing with a solid configuration. Available in AMD or Intel, this is an S340 under Ryzen 7 3700U to which we are entitled. Coupled with 8 GB of RAM it swallows all the tasks that we can give it. Even in photo or video editing it does pretty well thanks to the Vega 10 GPU which comes to support this AMD configuration. A graphics chip that also defends itself in the game. On the latest blockbusters like Far Cry 5 ou Shadow of Tomb Raider, we are at less than 30 fps in native definition with graphics options on low. However, if we are targeting less greedy titles, we will be delighted to have come across a truly versatile machine.

In terms of mobility, the S340 weighs 1.7 kg, which is still fine for a 15.6-inch machine. Its autonomy is 6h streaming video on Netflix. We are there in the standards of the genre, without it achieving prowess.

No doubt at € 699, this S340 would not have been a good deal. At € 480, he is forgiven for a few wanderings. Note that its poor screen calibration was not retained by all the newsrooms that tested it.

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