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OPPO Reno (short for Renovation – innovation) Definitely one of the most advertised smartphones in recent times. And the thing that the company offers the most when it comes to talking about this smartphone is the unique, unique 'shark finie' camera.

Song is a technology lover hate smartphones are too focused on a single feature, to 'forget' all other components and become a product not worth buying. Is OPPO Reno a complete smartphone, avoiding the aforementioned path?

We will start from the external design of the machine. OPPO Reno's back is made of glass, but it is matte glass so it feels 'smooth' and does not stick to fingerprints much more than regular glass.

The version I have here is blue duck neck, combined with the glass layer, so when it comes to the sun, it looks like a jewel. Personally, I like this color scheme, which still looks different from the black-and-white smartphones on the market, but not too fancy like the OPPO R17 Pro before.

The machine is not made too thin but has a certain thickness, plus the back is curved and reasonably curved so it feels very grip. OPPO Reno may not look as 'sexy as sexy' as the duo Huawei P30 Pro and Galaxy S10 Plus, but dislodge them in terms of ergonomics.

The regular Reno version has 2 rear cameras (will be explored later). Here we have a pretty design point: a small protrusion from the body to protect the two lenses from being brushed down to the bottom surface, causing scratches and can affect image quality; on the contrary, it is still small enough to place the device on the table without being channeled to either side.

On the left side, there are 2 SIM slots and 2 volume buttons are made of metal with the same color as the body. Like other OPPO machines, Reno has a green painted power button, Huawei's high-end models like the P30 Pro are painted red, interesting!

The bottom edge has USB Type-C charging port and is great: 3.5mm music player port. I am one of those who still "entrenched" the use of wired headphones, so I really like the smartphones that retain this plug port.

And of course, the highlight of OPPO Reno's design is its camera selfie 'shaping' shark fin. In fact, this system looks good, seamlessly with the overall design of the device far superior to previous types of retractable cameras (like the one OPPO F11 Pro such as).

Detailed evaluation Reno: Smartphone OPPO's most distinctive ever - Photo 3.

The front camera has a 5MP resolution, and also thanks to a large area slider system, it integrates an LED for selfie in low light conditions. The flash for the rear camera is also placed in this component, this is also understandable since the flash is used for a long time.

My two biggest concerns about this slider camera system are the speed of face detection (must use the front camera) and durability. OPPO and its sister companies, OnePlus and Realme, have very fast face detection technology, only pressing the power button is on the main screen. Reno has to pull the camera up every time he uses that feature, so it's a bit slower, but it all happens in a split second so it doesn't become a drawback.

To ensure the durability of the sliding camera, the company applies some safety tips. If the user blocks the camera at the time of opening, the motor will try a few times, if it does not work, it will give a notice and stop trying to avoid damage.

In the open state, if the detector is falling (using a gyroscope), it will automatically close the sliding mechanism so that no collision will result in a break. This feature has also been applied by OnePlus to the flagship OnePlus 7 Pro mine.

Detailed assessment Reno: Smartphone is the most different from OPPO ever - Photo 4.

Test Reno's face unlock speed

Detailed Review Reno: Smartphone is the most different from OPPO ever - Photo 5.

OPPO Reno camera slider mechanism

Detailed assessment Reno: Smartphone is the most different from OPPO ever - Photo 6.

The system automatically pulls the camera in if it detects a crashed device

Detailed assessment Reno: Smartphone is the most different from OPPO ever - Photo 7.

The purpose of applying the slider camera is to have the camera with a defect-free screen, and of course Reno has done this. The device has a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen with FullHD + resolution that reaches the edges, not 'ears', no 'water drops', no 'holes', full display. The bottom of Reno's screen is much thinner than the one F11 Pro, creating a design that is close to every edge is indeed very beautiful.

We have AMOLED panels, giving the colors a rich color with white balance that is very close to the standard right from the box peeling (users can also add in the option) and of course the absolute deep black. With clean front design combined with this AMOLED screen, sometimes I hold the phone in reverse because I don't know where the top is below!

There are 3K high-resolution AMOLED panels on the market, and if placed next to Reno's FullHD + screen to 'scrutinize' it, it will definitely see the difference. But in the process of daily use, FullHD + is just enough, and it also helps the GPU and battery work more smoothly.

Detailed assessment Reno: Smartphone is the most different from OPPO ever - Photo 9.

Reno fingerprint sensor for fast and accurate reading speed

Below this screen we also have a fingerprint reader sensor, and it seems that the sensor generation is applied on the OnePlus 7 Pro, so the reading speed is very fast and also has high accuracy. Due to the ability to read fingerprints quickly, I often use it instead of face detection, reducing the burden on the sliding camera motor – which the company can even use 80 times a day for 10 years.

Handling all tasks is SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 710, 6 / 8GB RAM. This year OPPO seems to have trusted Qualcomm more, use its products instead of long-term partner MediaTek. Snapdragon 710 processor is not new but has been applied to many different models, and has been well appreciated.

Detailed assessment Reno: Smartphone is the most different from OPPO ever - Photo 10.

With this configuration, Reno of course runs smoothly on all common tasks, and can play games comfortably. The Garena Joint Venture has just released a new mode Mayhem ModeThere are 20 characters in a match, and I try to play in High-FPS mode, the machine can still stand. Reno is still a bit "confused" and reduces frame-rate, but these cases are quite rare and far apart, so it is acceptable.

For those who need a strong configuration that doesn't compromise with the top of the Snapdragon 855 processor, OPPO also has another option, Reno 10x Zoom, but of course it is also more synonymous with a higher price. . I will have an article comparing the gaming experience of these two machines to see if the difference is worth the extra money, invite readers to read.

Detailed assessment of Reno: Smartphone is the most different from OPPO so far - Photo 11.

The bright spot in OPPO Reno's configuration lies in the battery charging issue. The device is equipped with 3765 mAh battery – which is not yet in the top 'category' at the moment, but when combined with a low-power configuration and OPPO's very harsh background application management system So I can always use from 1.5 to 2 days.

When the battery runs out, Reno also recharges very quickly thanks to VOOC 3.0 technology. In This charging technology testI can fill F11 Pro's 4000mAh battery from exhaustion in just 80 minutes. And Reno with a smaller battery, the charging time is only about 60 – 70 minutes, and it will be even faster if the user starts charging from 20%.

Detailed assessment of Reno: Smartphone is the most different from OPPO so far - Photo 12.

The point that I see the company can still improve in the near future is the ColorOS interface. This interface looks a bit 'more colorful' than the original Android or OneUI of Samsung, and users are also 'bundled' with a few garbage applications right from the first time the phone is turned on.

Another feature that the company needs to rush into is Night Mode or Dark Mode (night mode), to turn the interface components into black, to take advantage of Reno's AMOLED screen. .

We will return with a point that Reno does well: the quality of the shooting. It is equipped with a 48MP f / 1.7 main camera along with a 5MP f / 2.4 depth sensor. By default, the camera will take a resolution of 12MP (pooling 4 pixels into 1) to reduce noise, but users can also set up to 48MP in options.

Detailed assessment of Reno: Smartphone is the most different from OPPO ever before - Photo 14.

What Reno often lacks is a dedicated camera – to zoom out (super wide angle) or zoom in (like a 10x camera of the version of Reno 10x zoom). But the company is still not limited to software, and gives users a 10x zoom! In fact, I found that the image quality achieved good enough from 1x to 4x, then it will be blurry and not enough for the purpose of posting.

Detailed assessment of Reno: Smartphone is the most different from OPPO so far - Photo 15.

Compare 1x, 4x, 8x and 10x zoom images

When shooting normally, the image quality is good. Reno gives a rich color shot right from the moment of shooting, avoiding the 'overly' HDR phenomenon like on the Huawei P30 Pro so it looks quite natural. The blue processor is slightly cyan-colored, so it can be fixed with post-production software.

OPPO's font removal algorithm is in good hands, losing to the top product lines such as Apple iPhone XS, XS Max or Google Pixel 3, but clearly surpasses Samsung and Huawei. Sometimes I shoot through the foliage, the machine can also create bokeh balls that look very convincing, not bad at all!


Although there is a selfie 'shark fin camera' as a promotional point, but OPPO Reno not neglected by other features. After 1 week of use, I found this is a unique product in the design, but still has a high quality when fully equipped with what users need: good finishing, AMOLED screen, comfortable configuration Roof for all tasks, hold the 3.5mm port and the quality of shooting is not bad at all.

Detailed assessment of Reno: Smartphone is the most different from OPPO so far - Picture 17.

On the contrary, we still have the right to demand even more powerful configuration, a camera system with a dedicated camera or micro SD extension port – and that's why OPPO has released a new version. more advanced is Reno 10x Zoom. On the contrary, when the review is specific, the regular Reno version is still more than enough to please me.

Detailed assessment of Reno: Smartphone is the most different from OPPO so far - Photo 18.

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