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As can be seen, Samsung Galaxy Note9 is one of the most powerful Android machines on the market today. The device is equipped with impressive specifications at the present time with Exynos 9810 processor on 10nm LPP FinFET process with 8 cores, with integrated 18-core Mali-G72 graphics. In addition, the US market version will come with Snapdragon 845 processor. There will be 2 levels of RAM for 2 optional versions, including 6GB of RAM / 128GB of internal memory and 8GB of RAM / 512GB of memory. in.

According to the manufacturer, the performance power of the Note9 increases by over 33% and the GPU is 30%. So in fact, the power of Note9 really makes us satisfied? Invite readers to come to the real experience of this product in the article below.

Performance score

Samsung Galaxy Note9 brought an impressive AnTuTu score with 240148 points. Higher than its predecessor Note8, it reached 202182 points, or the Razer Phone “gamer” smartphone with a score of 210849 points.

With 3DMark Slingshot ES 3.1 scale, Exynos 9810 processor and powerful Mali-G72 graphics continue to satisfy users with an impressive 3305 scale. Promise to give users a great experience with 3D games require good configuration.

The multi-core and single-core scale with Geekbench 4 continues to surpass many other devices in the Android ecosystem, even rivals equipped with Snapdragon 845 processor thanks to 4 M3 cores with high performance Higher clock speed than Kyro 385 (Snapdragon 845).

Practical experience

Possessing extremely impressive benchmark scores, but on the terrible games, Note9 will fulfill the responsibility of a leading mobile phone?

Some of the top TechZ games in the test include Asphalt 9, Lien Quan Mobile, Fortnite. These are heavy games with high graphics and no frame lock. It will properly reflect the true power of Note9.

Experience Asphalt 9 with new heavy 3D graphics is when Note9 unleashed its true power. The device operates extremely smoothly, seamlessly, the effect is clear, almost no lag occurs during gameplay. Even experience with some racing, Note9 still kept at 30fps and heat generated from the machine is still guaranteed.

With the game Fortnite, the frame on the Note9 remains stable at 30fps, the machine runs smoothly and there is no lag in the frames with complicated effects. Please note, this is a high-demanding game, which was demoed by Samsung during the launch of Note9.

The famous game Lien Lien Mobile is not a serious problem with Note9, when the number of frames plays impressively with 60FPS. Even playing for hours without heat-ups, Note9 kept it warm. In the test, the configuration parameters of this game were turned on at the highest level, full of effects, graphics.

There is an extremely important reason that the Note9 can run games for hours smoothly and still ensure a moderate amount of heat. That’s because Samsung has equipped a heat pipe with 3.5 times the efficiency of older devices, the position of the heat pipes is located right behind the processor to help the cooling system achieve high efficiency. If you use it for a long time, you can feel the heat gradually increasing on the left side, this is the area where Samsung has the heat pipe. This heatpipe area is also quickly cooled to keep the CPU and GPU constantly releasing heat, without overheating like some devices from other manufacturers on the market.

Multitasking capabilities

Equipped with 6GB RAM memory system for 128GB version of internal memory and 8GB RAM for 512GB version. Galaxy Note9 brings great multitasking capabilities, you will not have to worry because there are too many applications running at the same time leading to jerks, lag when using. The platform system is optimally designed to make multitasking work more smoothly than ever. With Note9, I can use the device continuously for a day with a lot of different applications without having to worry about deleting all background apps.

With the large screen, the function of running 2 applications simultaneously (Multi Window) on one screen becomes more useful than ever. You can watch movies, surf Facebook or text, surf the web very smoothly and without hesitation about anything.


If you’re looking for a perfect Android device in terms of performance, heat dissipation, and stability for heavy duty for long periods of time – Note9 is the best answer. Bringing together a series of leading factors both in terms of powerful hardware, software optimization capabilities, intelligent heat pipes. Note9 will certainly not disappoint users, worthy of being a leader in the configuration race ever

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