[A trip to a saint in India]#MyCancerJourney
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[A trip to a saint in India]#MyCancerJourney

I will start NOTE from today ♪

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I want to create it ♪

The first theme is[Journey around a saint in India].

It’s the first time to commemorate, so

It’s a long sentence, but I will share it here as well.


In February of this year, I traveled to India at the perfect time.

Immediately after returning from India,

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, India also blocked the whole country,

Visa issuance has also been suspended for entry from Japan.

Why did you go to India?

Actually, an Indian saint who feels a strange relationship

“Neem Karoli Baba”

Was to follow in the footsteps of.

My sister, who was a VOGUE editor 16 years ago,

When I was in charge of planning a meditation feature,

I am also involved in meditation from various angles
Helped with research.

It was at that time that I was most enthusiastic about meditating in my life.

When I meditate, I always

An old man with a round smile resembling Master Tsurubin appeared right above his head.

grandfather? Relatives? acquaintance? But not who? .. ..
I was wondering.

After that, the special feature ended safely, the meditation fever calmed down,

I completely forgot about that grandfather.

One day, seven years later, by chance,
I found a book at the bookstore.

I’m surprised at the photo on the cover.

It was the book “The Miracle of Love-The Story of Nimes Calori Baba”.

What a nostalgic old-fashioned Tsurubin master’s round-faced grandfather is laughing again!

“I’m this old man!”

It was the bible of the spiritual movement of the 60s and 70s

A book written by Ram Dass, the author of Be Here Now.

Yes, a pioneer who laid the foundation for the recent mindfulness boom in the West.

Legend of the spiritual world.

Changed his life 180 degrees,
Unknown saint of India

A book about “Neem Karoli Baba” (aka Maharaj).

Anecdotes, secret stories, and quotes from his life of “Kokoro no Shishi”

It was a book that suggested a way of life that enhances spirituality by interviewing more than 100 people.

I bought it immediately and read it, but at that time, I was not very moved,

I slept in the back of the bookshelf, and seven or eight years later.

And three years ago, May 2017,

During the one-year journey of spontaneous remission of gastric cancer that was suddenly vomited and declared

In addition, this old man like a crane also appeared in front of me.

“The great saints still cause miracles even when they leave their bodies ~”

I can’t help but think it’s hard to believe,

A strange story unfolds unknowingly in the world with this grandfather.

Since that event, one day I have been pilgrimage to the Ashram of Maharaj in North India,

When I was facing stomach cancer,

I’ve always wanted to thank my grandfather Maharaj who was always there.

And now is the timing,
I received the sign,

Finally realized this time.

15 years ago, why this old man was meditating
Did you appear before me?

It was a journey of pilgrimage that I could understand.

We have also incorporated the story with this grandfather Maharaj

My Cancer Journey
I’m going to write it down little by little ♪

During this trip, Grandpa Maharaj showed me twice.

There is a message.

I was led to India at the “God Timing” just before the corona vortex,

I received this message,

Tell many people who are having a hard time in Corona right now,

I feel like I was somehow entrusted by Grandfather Maharaj.

I wish I could share that message.

Please join us in the future “My Cancer Journey” ♪

[Journey around a saint in India]| Tamiko Hayashi @DGBH | note

To people who value “mindful”, “sustainable” and “creative” lifestyles
The DGBH (DoGoodBeHappy!) Project that gives useful information. We will start with NOTE today from May 23, 2020.
 I will spell out my thoughts every day. I would like to create a place where I can share the wisdom of living happily like myself with everyone who resonates with the future Corona, post-corona age DGBH style ♪

  First time

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The DGBH (DoGood, BeHappy!) Project started in 2010 is

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“Mindful”, “Sustainable”, “Creative”

We provide useful information to people who value their lives!

DGBH (DoGood, BeHappy!) Project, started in 2010,

aim to spread useful information for


valuing “mindful”, “sustainable” and “creative” living,

Through through-magazine, products, Lab (events).



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