a streamer manages to escape from the underworld by playing with an edible grenade

A streamer who is passionate about the game Hades, but who enjoys doing crazy challenges on all games even more, has just made an even more incongruous one. He managed to escape from the underworld in Hades by playing only with a grenade as a controller.

Streamer Rudeism plays Hades with a grenade
Streamer Rudeism plays Hades with a grenade – Credit: Rudeism

In Hades, players must perpetually try to escape from the underworld by slaying enemies through multiple rooms. The last fight of a “run” is against Hades, the father of the main character. Normally, beating Hades can already prove to be a daunting task for the majority of players. So, as much to tell you as to beat him with a grenade (the fruit, not the explosive device) as a controller even more so. While some players play Horizon Zero Dawn in 72p with a GT 710, others engage in more greedy challenges, but not more useful.

Joystick buttons a little juicier than normal

Streamer Dylan Beck aka Rudeism may not be as well-known as Ninja who recently left Fortnite due to stream sniping, but his challenges are still enjoyed by the community. Indeed, Rudeism has a habit of replacing its joystick with various and varied objects. To give you a few examples, he has already played tetris with an eggplant, Dark Souls with a frying pan, Apex Legends with a mannequin leg, or Fall Guys with a guitar. One of his latest challenges? Play Hades and escape from the underworld with an edible pomegranate.

The streamer didn’t choose the grenade by pure chance. If you are not familiar with the game, the power grenade is a magic item which greatly increases the benefits of the character. As you can see from the clip from the Rudeism live that he shared on Twitter, playing with a grenade was far from easy. Rudeism had to stop to reconnect one of the juicy pieces of the pomegranate.

Of course, the streamer didn’t succeed on the first try. It took him no less than 33 attempts to the grenade to manage to escape from the underworld. A performance which remains impressive all the same given its playing conditions. the developer Supergiant Games called this totally delusional challenge incredible. Finally, Hades is available on PC, and more particularly on Steam and the Epic Games Store as well as on Switch in a digital version. However, the physical version of Hades for the Nintendo Switch arrives on March 19 and it’s already available for pre-order.

Source : Kotaku

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