A solution to help marketers update the social media landscape

The trend of social media marketing is constantly changing at a “suffocating” speed. This solution helps you get rid of the overload trap and information surfing in just 10 minutes a day.

Capturing the wave of social media changes will help marketers either outperform their competitors or be left behind. Therefore, it is important to find a way to keep up to date with social media trends that is fast, inclusive, and time-saving.

From personal experience, Dakota Shane has found the following system to quickly update the social network marketing situation with just 10 minutes a day.


1. Follow Social Media Examiner page

When looking for articles to guide strategies and use a certain social networking tool, Dakota Shane goes to Social Media Examiner. This is an informational site that shares helpful articles and tutorials on all the skills you need to manage social media.

Dakota ShaneIn addition, Social Media Examiner also builds Social Media Marketing Podcast radio channel. Listen to the radio station’s broadcasts while you’re running or on the way to work. You will learn the latest social media management tips.

2. Subscribe to Social Media Today

Social Media Examiner contains specific tips and tricks. So with Social Media Today, you get the latest news on this field. By skimming through Social Media Today’s news section a few times a week, you get a glimpse of the world’s marketer interest.

3. Install Google Alerts for common platforms

Google Alerts is a powerful tool that brings you the latest notifications from your favorite social media sites. For example, if your company communicates via Instagram and Snapchat, then obviously you will want to know the latest updates regarding these two platforms.


Set Google Alerts to notify you of any news with the keywords “Instagram” and “Snapchat” in the headline.

4. Keep track of the main account of the platform you use

This is a suitable way for people who are normally active with only one or two specific social media platforms, such as entrepreneurs, marketers or content gurus.

If you are an influential person on Instagram, follow the official Instagram blog. This channel will provide you with the fastest official changes and updates from Instagram. This information will help you outperform many competitors in the market.

Image: Mashable.

5. Follow Twitter by social media experts

Take the time to identify a list of social media influencers (KOLs) that you would love to read or receive news from. It could be a reporter, CEO, investor or someone else.

Follow their Twitter. This will be the channel to help you catch the most outstanding news, the hottest chats quickly.


On top of that, according to Dakota Shane, you have to really enjoy the content shared by these KOLs. Because only when you are excited do you not feel like you have to do an extra job in a heavy state.

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* Source: Saigon Businessman


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