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A rumor lifts the veil on the map of GTA 6!

We still don’t know anything about Grand Theft Auto 6, and yet that does not prevent rumors and other alleged leaks from swarming the web. Nothing very surprising given the resounding success of GTA V and its almost endless possibilities which have made the strength of this game over time. And recently, a new rumor has been circulating on the web, and concerns the possible map of the famous GTA 6.

This rumor comes from a named Reddit user Markothemexicam, known for successfully disclosing relevant information about Grand Theft Auto V, like its arrival on PlayStation 5 as well as some of the GTA Online updates (scheduled for this summer and later this year). However, before we move on to the information list, it should be mentioned that the screener claims to know all this information thanks to his roommate, who allegedly worked for Rockstar.

The map of GTA 6 would therefore be that of Vice City, a city well known to fans, and already the scene of a number of gangster adventures. However, no information will have filtered on the timeline in which the game will take place. The leaker’s roommate also reveals that the announcement of the game should take place next year, although it may be delayed due to Covid-19.

Additionally, as with Red Dead Redemption 2, there would be an advanced weather system (which this alleged former Rockstar employee allegedly worked on) and which would affect the behavior of NPCs. The leaker claims that his roommate has tested certain features of GTA 6 and that he can not wait for the game to be revealed as the quality of the work provided would be. But, as we would like to remind you, it is a rumor which is far from official. In addition, his post on Reddit is already a few months ago and was not given much importance at the time. But thanks to his correct predictions concerning GTA 5, the guy has attracted a hell of a fan club …

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