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A quarter of US users have deleted Facebook

The world’s largest social network is at risk of being turned away from users.

According to Pew Research Center documents, surveying about 4,500 American adults, most of them are inclined to leave Facebook. Specifically, about 54% of users changed their privacy, 42% of users stopped checking Newsfeed for weeks.

In particular, 26% of users have removed the application from smartphones, which means one in four people will successfully quit this social network.

1 in 4 people delete Facebook. Photo: Bussiness Insider.

This year, Facebook suffered a lot of public opinion for exposing user information. Cambridge Analytica, a political data firm hired during the 2016 Trump presidential campaign, collected the personal data of more than 50 million Facebook users.

On April 11, Mark Zuckerberg stood before the US Congress hearing about the incident. He acknowledged that the responsibility rests with the company. How to operate and manage Facebook is completely wrong.

In only two days 19 and 20/3, Facebook shares plummeted causing the company lost 60 billion dollars.

And yet, the company’s stock continued to lose more than 4.4% in trading on March 20 after it was reported the US Federal Trade Commission was investigating the matter, and Security Director Alex Stamos of Facebook is about to leave.

On Wednesday this week (September 5), it was Sheryl Sandberg’s turn to explain in the US Senate the issue of foreign governments using social media for political propaganda.

The movement to delete Facebook is on the rise. Photo: Bussiness Insider.

Although the information leak gradually subsided, the movement to eradicate Facebook intensified. However, the security of personal information is inherently too complicated.

According to the Guardian, deleting Facebook does not change the user’s information being trafficked and used. Companies track and create your profile from a variety of sources.

“Even if you delete Facebook, you will still be tracked online. Basically, mobile is a tracking device, ”Frederike Kaltheuner of Privacy International said.

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* Source: zing News


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