A point’n’click for Mass Effect with LucasArts sauce?

Admit that you can’t wait any longer for the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. We can only understand you. Commander Sheppard’s odyssey aboard the Normandy made the hearts of a huge community of fans beat faster for nearly a decade. What if we offered you the opportunity to redo the adventure the old fashioned way, point’n’click style of the golden age of LucasArts?

It’s the story of a fan’s dream come to life. Two dreamers who went so far as to create their own point’n click Mass Effect, imagining what the game could have been if it had been created by the box of George Lucas In the 90s. Spoiler alert: it’s a huge success.

Mass Effect Point n Click Titre

Intitulé “The Adventures of Commander Shepard”, the title invites you to relive the epic of Shepard in a setting worthy of The Secret of Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle. The few screenshots will allow you to see that the tribute goes so far as to resume a classic interface that clearly refers to the publisher’s old games.

At the time of writing, the title is still in development. The small team of Kung-Fu Circus Games (named for the title of funniest developer name in the universe) continues to enrich the game week after week. Voices have been added, as well as credits music composed by Miracle of Sound (already responsible for the cult track dedicated to your favorite Commander), and the story continues to develop.

However, no information filter as to a possible official release of this demake. A word of advice from your servant: rush into this game, before Electronic Arts falls on it and decides to crucify in public a team of fans who are just trying to amuse the gallery.

The Adventures of Commander Shepard is available for free at itch.io and is entirely in English.


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