A player’s resistance to the game mechanics is taking place in Destiny 2

The trial of Osiris is a hard-core PVP mode launched by Bungie in the “famous” cross-season of “Destiny 2” in the third season of “The Season of Heroes”. This mode requires a team of three or three players to engage in fierce survival battles.

In this mode, players need to purchase admission tickets at NPC Saint-14 in the game and all three players have reached the minimum light required for this mode to enter the game, that is, in addition to the light required for entry Outside this mode, there are no restrictions on the light level. If the light level of the player you match is higher than yours, it will be “calendered” and your output will be discounted. And teammates will not automatically resurrect. Players need to manually support teammates. If all three of the team are destroyed, the round will be judged as a failure.

Defeating a team of players will be counted as one win on the admission ticket. Three wins, five wins, and seven wins will provide weapons, armor, and trial tokens that can only be dropped in this mode. Tokens can be exchanged at Sage-14. Players have already obtained equipment, but the perk and armor attributes of the weapon are random. And only after the player has won three wins each week can they exchange tokens at Saint-14, and the tokens will be cleared every week. Of course, if the player’s strength is strong and can win seven consecutive victories without losing a game, he can go to the lighthouse to receive flawless rewards, high-stat equipment, powerful weapons and after the fourth “Ling Guangzhi” update Provided expert weapons and expert modules.

An overview of the rewards of the previous trials, the armor has been updated after the season of choice, and the weapon has been increased with pulse rifles and hand cannons.

As the former game creative director Luke Smith (who has now retired from the environment to develop “new media” projects) favorite, the “must play every week” game mode, when the “Sports of Heroes” was launched, the official announced that it was PVP Raid in. But this seemingly high-risk and high-reward coexisting model is not welcomed by players. Because the PVP environment of “Destiny 2” has long been a cloud of smoke, it is said that the DJ of the electric Titan is head-to-shoulder, and the Warlock reverses his hand to hold the supernova, which is the invincible existence of melee, and also has the malignant tumor of the wolf king and the harsh light. gun.

The PVP quagmire situation has not changed the slightest after the update of “The Moment of Lingguang”. The outrageous freezing time and weird trigger range of the ice attribute talent made the PVP mode named “Forge Arena” a “refrigerator”. , Not to mention the most disgusting “QX Hunter” recently. Ice Hunter’s Q skill grenade creates an ice wall that can freeze nearby people, and when the hunter jumps up and presses the X button, it can hit the ground and directly dry the frozen enemy. broken.

Not to mention the server problem of the game itself, sometimes I feel that the PVP of “Destiny 2” is not more technical than technical but who is more disgusting.

“The Great” Mr. Luke Smith

The rewards of the trial itself seem to be generous. It is true that sniper rifles, automatic rifles and shotguns are all of the same type of top level. We also understand that in order to keep players motivated, there must be several equipment that pollute the prize pool, but even so , Pay and gain are still not proportional.

Every enemy matched in the trial is unknown. Aside from the plug-in, the unknowable and uncontrollable game flow itself is a big difficulty. This is not like the iron knight in PVP, even if the strength is not enough, it can be accumulated due to time. With their own efforts in exchange for good equipment, players who want to be flawless will simply lose all previous efforts and start from scratch just because of one defeat.

After two or three days of intense concentration, the player finally boarded the Mercury Lighthouse, looking at the saint who is leaning against the treasure chest, 14 praised your brilliant performance, you can’t wait to hold down “E” Interact with the treasure chest, and in a flash of gold, a latitude fragment and enhanced prism that can be obtained in about ten minutes in the PVE night mission, as well as perk random weapons, general armors and enhanced modules are dropped at your feet .

Maybe you still don’t want to give up. For a good perk, take the bounty task to brush the trial tokens, but the rewards exchanged at Sage-14 are too random. As mentioned above, the exchange of tokens will only get you. The equipment you get because of the victory, that is, the rewards unlocked by players who go deep into the trial will be more, and the reward exchange pool of tokens will be larger. It is even more difficult to roll out your favorite weapon and perk. . On the contrary, they are light players. For example, the three wins this week are shotguns. They only need to swipe the coins continuously after three wins. Almost every time they redeem, they can get the rewards they want. This kind of pay and gain become inversely proportional. Is the design really reasonable?

Sometimes wandering around the tower and looking at Saint-14 who is leisurely feeding the pigeons in the hangar, I can’t help asking myself, “Is it all worth it?”

Time has come to the selection season. In the prize pool of the trial, Bungie has added the 120-rate hand cannon “Flame Hammer” and the 340-rate pulse rifle “Messenger”. The 120-rate hand cannon is due to its high range and The high damage avoids being hit by the Hunter QX or being hit by the Titans in melee, making it popular with many players. A few headshots can end the enemy and the player feels the refreshing feeling of being possessed by CapitaLand VI. At this moment, the news that Osiris’s trial PC could crash again spread like wildfire. Everyone was gearing up, waiting for the weekend to come. As if Godroll is within reach.

The culprit

Car crash is a way of playing spontaneously organized by players in the “Trial of the Nine” in “Destiny 2”. Simply put, it is to make friends pretend to be enemies. The two teams make an appointment with each other, choose a time period with a small number of players, usually early in the morning, the two teams select the same server node in the accelerator, and click to match at the same time. After entering the map, if you find that the opposite party happens to be an appointment in advance Teammates, congratulations, the crash was successful. At this time, whether it is for the task of scoring headcount or just winning the game, these problems will be solved. Whether it’s the PVE powerful micro-charge “hermit” or the PVP tumor grenade “mountain” or even the powerful machine gun “21% excitement” in the intellect (the PVPVE mode of “Destiny 2”), get these once powerful weapons (all of the above weapons) The complex and tedious PVP tasks required by the environment have been retired can be obtained more simply because of the existence of the crash.

In Osiris’s trial, because the initial mechanics did not match friends and could not join the game halfway through, crashes on the PC side were not possible, but on the PS4 side, they were free to crash. At that time, I saw that I didn’t usually play console games in the Friends column. ‘S friends turned on cross-platform data storage, and we knew, “This guy must be looking for power leveling.”

The clown is myself

But everything changed in the selection season. Bungie rejoined his teammates in the trial of Osiris to join midway, which made the crash possible again. The method is also very simple. Players will have three professions: Warlock, Hunter and Titan. Choose one of them as the tool number and the other as the tool number. If you want a flawless account, first use the tool number to match the front of the car. If the crash is successful, the front of the car is still on the map, and the other two players immediately switch the tool number to the account that you want to be flawless and rejoin the team. Two members After successfully entering the map, the front of the car will also switch out to change the number. When the three players successfully change the number, as long as the opposing player exits directly, our player will automatically win a game. Repeat the above steps seven times to be successful.

On February 20, 2021, at 5:30 in the morning on Saturday morning, the old men in the guild group got up early and started crashing. It was barely over until 10 in the morning, and the harvest was not satisfactory. It seemed to be self-care for barely able to use it. Self comfort. The same was still true on the 21st. Even Bungie’s server experienced a downtime in the afternoon, and the group of friends could only chat without a word in the group. As everyone knows, this is just the tranquility before the storm. The big one is coming!

Many years later, when the legendary Titan Saint-14 stood on the Mercury Lighthouse, he would surely think of the distant night dominated by the dice…

Grand opening of Osiris Casino!

February 22, 2021, a day that every guardian should remember, the best day in the PVP environment of “Destiny 2”.

Which genius came up with this method is untestable, because that day almost all the domestic “Destiny 2” players fell into the gambling madness, immersed in the unreasonable model of resistance to the trial of Osiris.

The so-called gambling game is not tied to any money. This is a spontaneous movement of the entire community. The original crash is only a small activity between the guild or friends. If you hit it, you will be swiped. Give the opponent a win. The randomness is great, but the players suddenly discovered that since the demand for the 120 hand cannon in the player group is so great, why not mobilize the power of the masses to crash the car together? As long as someone in your team brings the HAKKE gun factory’s business card that every player in the game can get (domestic players like to call it “艹” business card), the other party will know that you are an “friendly army”, and the front of the opposite car will be Actively add our car’s head as a friend (for easy distinction, the car’s head does not have a “艹” business card, so it is clear at a glance) to start the game, the winner changes the number to win a win, the loser silently waits for the opposite side to change the number and then exits directly, maybe What if you can dance together when you’re bored. As for how to bet, of course the easiest one is to roll the dice.

Enter the code “/random 1-10” in the steam chat box to generate a random number, the bigger one wins, and the smaller one loses. Win or lose depends on luck. Although there is randomness, it does not have the hostility of being disgusted by the opponent in the past in PVP. Players are happy to participate in it. After matching, add friends and type “please”. You are polite and won. Replied with a word of “acquisition” to show respect, and the enthusiastic would also promise to raise a hand and let us directly win if we match again. Even if he loses, he will congratulate the other party and wish him an early roll out of his favorite perk.

HAKKE’s business card has become a truly flawless admission ticket

This is the first time I have encountered such a harmonious atmosphere in the PVP environment of “Destiny 2”. There is no disgusting weapon equipment, and there is no hostility to post on other platforms even after the game is over. Although there is also a small group of discordant “voices”, Korean players will wear HAKKE business cards but “do not speak martial ethics” directly. But as long as you wear a “fuck” business card, even if you are lucky, and be a philanthropist all afternoon, as long as you are willing to spend time, the flawless treasure chest of Saint-14 and the lighthouse is always waiting for you. It even reminds the players of the name of this season’s “selected season”, with a touch of different flavor.

When the four-day trial of Osiris finally came to an end, the enthusiasm gradually dissipated. Some people were happy and some were worried. They used Godroll’s eagerness to occupy the mode to kill the Quartet. Those who did not come out have already secretly made up their minds to fight again next week. . Time seems to have returned to the time before the casino opened. Players are still venting their anger at the imbalance of PVP content in the community: “Why is the ice hunter not weakened?” “What stupid is the opening limiter to play PVP*!”

As the famous Prussian general Joseph von Radowitz once said:

You only learn history from history.

What people learn from history is history.

When we calm down and reflect carefully, maybe the crash is not a glorious thing. We really did not get rewards with the hard work and sweat like those big PVP players. I admire everyone who keeps grinding in this game. Players who practice their skills and strive for excellence, but at the same time, crashes are everyone’s own choice, and most players can accept it without destroying the game environment. Such a large-scale crash event not only exposes the problems with the game mode of Osiris’s Trial, but also an vent to the player community’s accumulated grievances against Bungie’s current game mechanics. Trial of this high-risk and highly uncertain mode of rewards, the big players are in trouble, and new players are discouraged after the first try. When the entire game environment is solidified and lacks fresh blood, it will naturally appear in a state of involution.

I don’t know what the Bungie employees on the other side of the ocean will feel when they browse the data on the number of trial players and the number of players who join the game in the middle of the game. But at least it can prove that players still love this game. Otherwise, who would waste a good weekend just in exchange for the opportunity to produce Godroll weapons? It seems to be the player’s resistance to the game mode, but the “spoken integrity” performance is more like the player’s call for help to Bungie:

“Hurry up and save the game “Destiny 2″!”

Maybe next week Bungie will update the patch and no longer allow players to join the trial game midway, but in this hostile PVP environment, there are rare precious memories that let me experience the kindness of human beings, and I will always remember them.

Source: Machine Core
Original: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/k412HAem_96y95TbiTzxQg


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