A picture of a French woman from the kitchen for decades has been auctioned to nearly 27 million USD - Photo 2.

A picture of a French woman for decades has been auctioned for nearly $ 27 million

This painting is a 13th-century work by the famous Italian artist Cimabue and it was discovered in the kitchen of an old lady in the town of Compiegne, in northern France.

This is a 10-inch painting hanging in the kitchen of a French woman for a long time, but she doesn't know how it belongs to her family.

This painting is the work of Italian artist Cimabue and was discovered earlier this year. It was originally planned to sell for up to $ 6 million, but this weekend it was sold for $ 26.8 million.

The painting was discovered during the process of valuing a house owned by a French woman living in northern Paris by auction house Philomène Wolf.

He almost immediately suspected that this was no ordinary picture. Wolf consulted Eric Turquin, an art historian in Paris, along with other researchers and colleagues, who eventually concluded the work was called "The Mocking of Christ". – "mocking God", a picture painted by Italian artist Cimabue circa 1280.

Historians have used traditional techniques such as infrared photography to analyze brush strokes and confirm they all come from the same hand.

At the same time they also compared the decorations of the work with other known works of Cimabue – who is considered one of the fathers of the Italian Renaissance art movement.

The painting is also thought to be part of a larger picture dating back to 1280, when Cimabue drew eight scenes of Jesus, of which only two copies have been discovered so far, "Flagellation of Christ." in New York only and "Madonna and Child Enthroned Between Two Angels" at the National Gallery in London.

Therefore, when compared to the other two, they discovered that the holes were lined up so that they could be put together, which once again increased the authenticity of the work.

Cimabue, also known as Cenni di Pepo, was born in Florence, Italy, artistic activity in the late 13th and early 14th centuries, the transition period between medieval styles and the Renaissance period. .

So far, none of Cimabue's works have been sold to the public, so the auction of this work is expected to be fierce.

Many estimate it will sell for $ 6 million, however, at an Actéon auction last weekend, a total of eight auction houses finally pushed the picture price to an astonishing 26.8. million dollars.

So far it has been sold to an art agent based in London.

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