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A phone “Beautiful and Healthy”

Previously I thought, Galaxy Note9 is an upgraded version that does not have many great improvements compared to Note8 in terms of form and performance. However, the small but positive changes make Note9 the perfect smartphone in the Android world at the present time. So those are the improvements that make me really happy about it so invite you to read TechZ readers to the detailed review after 2 months of use right below:


The first thing that makes users excited when the first time on a phone that is the design – And Note9 is a smartphone capable of making “ten thousand people love”. The first thing, after 2 years loyal to the design language of Note8, Note9 is still really impressed with the edge-to-edge screen, the ultra-thin edges and curved sides of the phone which have been the company’s strengths before now on.

Compared to the Note 8, the Note9 is bigger than 0.1-inch but the overall size is almost intact thanks to the slimmer bottom edge.

More especially, when the world is following the design trend of “rabbit ears”, Note9 goes against that. The product still has a full upper bezel containing the sensor and front camera system. Overall, it’s still neat, balanced with the overall design of the machine and still carries something different from the rest of the world.

A small change in the design of the Note9 is that the edges are softly beveled, making the grip experience firmer and less likely to be in forearms than the Note 8. This change is even more advantageous when I use the machine for a long time. This is one of the small but worthwhile changes compared to its predecessor.

“Large” 4000mAh battery

4,000 mAh – An impressive and very rare number found in flagship models for years. I can use it for a long day, open 4G continuously, use many heavy tasks continuously such as playing games, taking photos, videos, slide shows that the device can still hold until I get home after 8 pm.

Compared to the Note 8 that has been with me for quite a long time, with the same intensity of use, around 6 to 7 pm, the machine has started to appear “dying” and made me have to find a way to cut down on heavy operations, turn off data networks, locate unnecessary to save battery, make sure the device remains active until you go home. But with Note9, I no longer have to fret about that.

If you are a user with the intensity is not too high, I guarantee Note9 can survive up to the 2nd day.

And yet, the ability to fast charge through Adaptive Fast Charging technology when it takes less than 2 hours to fully charge a battery with a capacity of up to 4000mAh is one of the top advantages on Note9.

Unlimited storage

The large 512GB internal memory and can store up to 1TB through the microSD card slot is one of the major improvements on the Note9. This worthwhile upgrade left me feeling uneasy about the state of full memory. I am a fan of photography, 4K video recording, movie storage, music downloads with 320Kbps quality. So a huge amount of capacity is what I really need in a smartphone device.

Note9 with up to 512GB memory is probably the perfect choice for those who have been in need like me, and probably the needs of the majority of users today.

Camera dark, take delete fonts

The key condition to assess whether a camera is really good or not is probably due to its night shooting capabilities. And the Note9 exceeded my original expectations.

In bright enough conditions, Note9 is more than enough to “weigh” almost any situation. Combined with AI camera (artificial intelligence), Note9 easily captures the scene, from which thanks to the hardware and intelligent processing algorithm, Note9 brings vivid scenes, sharp details and ability Metering power both over excellent.

In low-light conditions, the Note9 continues to satisfy me with its fast shutter performance, no color shift and significantly reducing the noise often seen on other high-end mobile models on the market.

One worth upgrade of the Note9’s rice bowl is the ability to capture the fonts of Note9. Compared to the previous version, the ability to handle the yellow skin was completely thorough, the subject and the background were displayed more clearly and smoother. In addition, the quality of images taken in low light background is also slightly better than Note8.

S-Pen “magic” pen

I really love the S-Pen on the Note9 like never before. First of all, this is one of the bright upgrades compared to its predecessor when adding slide controls in presentations, meetings or product demos. I am really confident with the pen, easy to use, compact and extremely fast charging (in just 40 seconds provides half an hour of use). All I had to do at that time was just focus on the content of the presentation, all the rest had the S Pen!

Besides, the ability to take photos remotely with the S Pen is also one of the small but very useful improvements on the Note9. When I took the camera away to take a selfie to get lots of faces, my hands really struggled when I pressed the shutter key on the giant size of Note9. At this point, the press feature to take photos remotely on the S Pen becomes more practical than ever.


With a flagship, I never have to worry about performance, neither does the Note9! If prompted, success, but it is impossible not to mention. Because Note9 is not only strong but also “cool”. Machines can operate for hours to play games, surf the web, chat with friends, but there is no overheating situation. To achieve this, Samsung had to equip a carbon heat pipe with 3.5 times better thermal conductivity, the position of the heat pipe is located right behind the processor to make the cooling system effective. high fruit. Thus, when experiencing the machine for a long time, the heat will increase gradually on the left side, but only a little bit and does not affect the user experience.


Users need a beautiful design that is worthy of a high-end mobile product, a good camera to handle harsh situations, a high performance to bring fast and smooth processing speed, a pen. Smart S Pen is useful in everyday life. And Note9 is exactly what we are all aiming for. I believe that not only as an entrepreneur, with a technology reporter like me, I often check my mail, read the news, love taking pictures, love playing games, the Note9 is still a perfect phone in every aspect, every user experience. So, “Nice” and “Khoe” are probably the two phrases that are completely worthy of Samsung’s latest generation Note.

Yuan Khoa

Walking around Danang and Hoi An at night through the Galaxy Note9 lens: The perfect choice when traveling!

( Are you looking for a compact, lightweight camera to travel with? Let’s change the tactics, Galaxy Note9 fully recovered the elements and more than that ..


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