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a one-hand mode will facilitate the use of large smartphones

According to information obtained by XDA Developers, Google could finally think of people with small hands by adding a “one-hand” mode on Android 12, its future operating system.

Until now, “one-handed” modes were features already present on some overlays like Samsung’s One UI. Integrating it directly with Android will allow all manufacturers to use it.

One-handed mode – Credit: XDA

A few days ago, XDA Developers gave us a preview of what Google’s next OS might look like. Among the important new features, we could note the presence of simplified quick settings, new privacy settings or even new conversations in the form of a widget.

With Android 12, Google could make this interface even easier to use, since the company would introduce for the first time a “one-handed” mode, which will allow users to make all interface elements accessible with one hand. According to XDA Developers, “ Google’s current implementation in Android 12 is to reduce the screen size to 40% of its maximum size “. To activate it, a simple gesture will suffice, which will prevent users from looking for the option in the settings.

A smaller interface for ever larger smartphones

The downside to Android is the limited choice of small smartphones. Indeed, Google is itself part of the handful of manufacturers who have decided to continue to offer smartphones under 6 inches. Its Pixel 4a, which we were able to test, offers a relatively compact format, since its screen is only 5.8 inches.

At Apple, the choice is a little wider, since the American manufacturer offers several compact smartphones such as the iPhone SE 2020 or the iPhone mini. However, even if the community demanded more compact smartphones, it is known that Apple may soon stop production of the iPhone 12 mini due to disappointing sales.

As smartphones continue to grow and the term “phablet” that we used a few years ago gradually disappears, a “one-hand” mode will be welcome for all users with small hands. In addition to this new feature, we know that Google is working on a less strict version of Apple’s anti-tracking features, which could arrive on Android 12.

Source : XDA

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