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A new generation of information technology led by big data, artificial intelligence, etc. is accelerating integration with the retail industry

When the era of consumption upgrades comes, consumers need a better quality of life. And this quality improvement coincides perfectly with certain characteristics of smart retail.

With the advent of the intelligent era, a new generation of information technology, led by big data and artificial intelligence, is accelerating the integration with the retail industry. How traditional companies can break through in the context of consumption upgrade and transform to smart retail that uses the Internet, the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence to build products and sell intelligent retail. Topics for urgent thinking and exploration.

The consumption upgrade brought by smart retail is mainly reflected in scenario upgrade, service upgrade and experience upgrade. One of the most representative cases is the “Laiku unmanned supermarket” created by Lenovo. As its name indicates, this unmanned supermarket provides consumers with an efficient shopping experience without queuing, cashiering and waiting. By integrating face recognition, IoT technology, fast product recognition, multiple product recognition at one time, binding face, automatic payment and other 20 black technologies, only the non-sense shopping experience can be achieved. Objectively speaking, the shopping experience of Lenovo Laiku unmanned supermarket is indeed the best in the industry.

In addition, in the next three years, Lenovo plans to deploy 1,000 Lenovo Laiku unmanned stores in key large shopping malls across the country, accelerate the exploration of unmanned retail models, and give the retail industry something cool. Consumers who have actually experienced unmanned stores have said that this is the real “consumption upgrade”. In the unmanned supermarket, the “get-and-go” shopping process allows people to truly appreciate the changes that intelligentization has made to life and to experience the advancement of technology and the times.

Laiku unmanned supermarket is just a microcosm of Lenovo’s empowerment of the smart retail industry. As early as 2018, Lenovo has initiated the transformation of the consumer business model and created the “Customer Direct”-a new consumer business model that reaches customers directly, creating a full-category product power, full-contact marketing power, and full-channel retail power. And the new scene of intelligent retail centered on full-field service capabilities.

Lenovo Smart Retail is an important part of the smart industry under the “Lenovo Smart China” strategy. Relying on strong data, technical resource advantages, and its own intelligent transformation practice accumulation, Lenovo will fully empower the smart retail industry in the future, reshape the retail market in the new era, and lead the industry to “consumer upgrade” in the intelligent era.

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