a new game other than Halo Infinite in the works?

343 Industries, the studio behind Halo, is recruiting for a possible new project, according to an ad unearthed on Microsoft’s site.

It could be that 343 Industries is already recruiting for a new project in the universe of Halo. Despite the significant delay in the development of Halo Infinite, the chances that this recruitment concerns a new Halo game exist. Indeed, the announcement suggests that this post might not be related to Halo Infinite, but to a new project in the same universe.

Images of the first gameplay of Halo Infinite.  Credit: 343 Industries / Microsoft
Images of the first gameplay of Halo Infinite. Credit: 343 Industries / Microsoft

New Halo game? A recruitment ad that questions

The ad appeared on Microsoft’s website. It concerns a post of producer who will have to “help to develop a new project in the universe of Halo”. Although Halo productions have already been considered for media other than video games, the rest of the announcement is more explicit. 343 Industries is looking for a producer experienced in “delivery of current generation AAA games”. So it could not be clearer, it is indeed a video game.

However, it is important to remember that recruitment announcements for video game projects are generally intentionally vague. Here, “new project” can be interpreted in different ways. The announcement does not reveal any other clue as to the nature of this project. The question therefore arises: is this a new project, other than Halo Infinite? Technically, we could consider Infinite as a new project, the game not having been released yet. It could also relate to a new project within Halo Infinite. Indeed, the game going out on the gamepass, it will probably be regularly fed with new content. Content that can be imagined in the form of free DLCs, which can then be entered in the “new project” box. Difficult, therefore, to determine if this post actually concerns a new game, or will be used to support the development of Halo Infinite., already very late on the initial schedule.

343 Industries, late or ahead of the new Halo Infinite release date?

It would be surprising if 343 Industries is already working on the next Halo. Microsoft and its studio are already very late on the release of Halo Infinite, and we imagine that with the bitter disappointment of the fans after the first postponement, the resources must be concentrated on this project as a priority. However, it is not impossible that the studio has made good progress, and is already starting to focus on its future projects.

Microsoft and 343 Industries had decided to postpone the release of Halo Infinite, after the icy reception of the gameplay video offered during the Xbox Games Showcase shortly before the release of the Xbox news. And we’re talking about a big postponement, the release date going from November 10, 2020 to a very vague “fall 2021”. So, would it be possible for 343 Industries to be working on a new project at the same time? Or is this project simply adding content to Halo Infinite? We will have to wait a little longer to find out more.

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