A new ethics complaint against judge Denise Descôteaux.  Photo: Shutterstock


A new ethics complaint against judge Denise Descôteaux. Photo: Shutterstock

This new complaint was filed in November 2020 by a man whose identity remains confidential.

The complainant accuses the judge of having forced him to reveal that he was an informant for a police service, during a testimony before the Youth Court.

The Conseil de la magistrature considers that listening to the recordings makes it possible to detect discomfort in the complainant during the judge’s first questions Denise Descôteaux.

“The way the judge intervened and her apparent lack of receptiveness to the observations of the witness and a lawyer to obtain a suspension in order to allow the parties to discuss the sensitive context of the case among themselves,” questions regarding compliance with its ethical obligations. Only an investigation will make it possible to determine it ”, one can read in the report examining the complaint, delivered on January 27.

Third complainant

This new investigation, the dates of which have not been disclosed, is in addition to two cases already open concerning Judge Descôteaux before the Judicial Council.

Two complaints filed by Philippe Gagné, the former director of youth protection for Abitibi-Témiscamingue, were heard last November. The DYP particularly deplored the behavior, words and attitudes of the judge towards her staff in 14 cases, between 2016 and 2020. The case is currently under advisement.

The Judicial Council must also examine, from April 7 to 9, a complaint filed by Me Annick murphy, from the Directorate of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP), for comments and attitudes of Judge Descôteaux towards certain prosecutors.