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A movie “Twilight” from the perspective of Edward Cullen will be very difficult to make!

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The latest work for The Twilight Saga – Midnight Sun – will hardly be adapted to the silver screen, according to the director of the first film.

Writer Stephenie Meyer is currently preparing to release the book Midnight Sun. This is the latest novel of the famous Twilight brand. The work is still the story of the first part and is told from the perspective of vampire character Edward Cullen.

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Many fans hope for the adaptation Twilight (2008) There will be a new version based on details from this book. They hope that the movie will be enriched with some scenes based on the upcoming title so that viewers can better understand what happened.

A movie “Twilight” from the perspective of Edward Cullen will be very difficult to make!

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However, Catherine Hardwicke – director of the film Twilight The first did not think so. “It will be difficult to adapt that book,” she said. My previous film had a plot that completely followed Bella’s thinking. Left to adapt the book Midnight Sun, maybe we need to make a whole new movie. If that happens, it will be interesting. But now Robert Pattinson is Batman, and Kristen Stewart is still busy with great projects. ”

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Perhaps many people already know, both Twilight’s stars are famous for this movie. Rovert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart also had a time to know each other but then broke up due to personal scandals. Both are eager to escape the film’s huge shadow to find their own path. So calling them back to a project they once wanted to forget would be very difficult.

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Currently, Robert Pattinson is having a very uplifting career. He has been participating in 2 blockbuster projects: The Batman and Tenet. Kristen Stewart is also very busy with her work when she was recently given the role of Princess Diana and participated in the project. Happiest Season. Although each has a separate direction, the two often support each other.

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