a modder connects the console to the Internet to play Tetris in multiplayer

Ever wanted to play Tetris online on the Game Boy? A modder managed to connect Nintendo’s handheld console to the Internet in order to start a game of Tetris in multiplayer without having to go through local mode.

For many players, the Game Boy is the ideal support for playing Tetris. Nevertheless, the puzzle game obviously cannot connect to the internet to play multiplayer on Nintendo’s retro handheld console. A modder therefore wanted to remedy this by tweaking the Game Boy to connect it to the Internet in order to play Tetris in multiplayer. Yes, the Game Boy can still surprise us even after 32 years of existence. This time, it’s not a Game Boy without a battery that turns off every 10 seconds, but a Game Boy designed for online multiplayer.

Playing Tetris online on your Game Boy is possible
Playing Tetris online on your Game Boy is possible – Credit: stacksmashing / YouTube

Back in the day, before the arrival of Wi-Fi, gamers could only play Tetris with their friends through the local Game Boy mode. This consists of connecting the portable consoles with the famous link cable. The “stacksmashing” modder needed the console port to connect it to the Internet. Moreover, this is the same modder who presented a Game Boy several weeks ago capable of mining bitcoin extremely slowly.

A difficult procedure to carry out reserved for the most experienced

In fact, the modder “stacksmashing” made the Game Boy believe that it was connected to another by the link cable. To achieve this, he plugged a USB adapter into the Game Boy’s link cable port. The adapter is connected to a Raspberry Pi Pico to connect the Game Boy to the Internet. This procedure is also compatible with Game Boy Pocket and GBA.

This is not, however, as simple as it sounds. Indeed, the modder had to develop open source software with a WebUSB front-end and a Python server to retrieve data from the console and send it to the other console, and vice versa. In addition, it should also be noted that the procedure is not generic. This only works with Tetris, but it is quite possible to adapt it to make it compatible with other games.

You can find above the video of “stacksmashing” which details all the steps to connect the Game Boy to the Internet and play Tetris in multiplayer. Finally, this is far from the first time that fans have made various projects on the Game Boy. Two months ago, a YouTuber had compressed the film Tenet on Game Boy Advance cartridges.

Source : Tech Radar

Auriane Polge

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