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“A Map Story”-Said Sword team’s new “Carto” domestic version is distributed by Heart Network. Appointment is now open!

Recently, Heart Network officially announced that the domestic version of the adventure puzzle game “Carto” will be represented by Heart Network. “Carto” is the third work produced by the original “Talking Sword” team Sunhead Games (hereinafter referred to as “Sunhead”), which has been left to the players in their own way from “Into the Forest” to “Talking Sword”. Quite impressed, this new work “Carto” is naturally no exception.

The new work “Carto” has a great contrast with the team’s first two works. The fickle changes and self-breaking of the sun are all players can see. As early as in “Into the Forest”, the pursuit of the game art of “few strokes, already endless” has been shown in the sun. And “Sword”, which is well known by more players, won the reputation of TapTap’s 2016 best independent game, and was recognized by many players.

“Sword” is the first paid game of a third-party mobile game platform in China

Looking back at the first two games of the sun, in the pixel-horizontal game “Ze Ma Ru Shan Lin”, the sun uses freehand brushwork and just the right music to highlight the loneliness and solitude of the one person and one horse. There is no other fancy interaction, only some more Zen-like understanding of the world and life.

“Said the Sword”, this restrained “reduced art” was once again promoted, and the huge martial arts sword and light sword shadow were only penetrated by the instant ink operation, the movement was fierce and smooth, and 710,000 copies were sold in TapTap. Despite this, the sun still has no choice to stand still. This time they no longer continue to pursue Xiao Suo and loneliness, but completely surpass the previous works, seek new warmth and tenderness, and bring the ninth art to full play.

In the new work “Carto”, you are a girl who strayed into the map world. You have to go back and forth in the world of various fairy tales, find new maps, and re-collapse the map to reach the next stop to decide yourself. Where to go, this is your own “new world”. (Did you recall that you were scrambling the map of China as a child?)

There will be many NPCs in the game who care about you and give you directions. Let the adventure in this beautiful and delicate fairy tale world be more like a healing journey. The little girl’s feet measured the mysterious land, and also pulled into the distance between you and the fairy tale, making you feel the strange world in the depths, but the wonder of returning home. Solving puzzles everywhere, or encountering one or two same passers-by, is like a jigsaw puzzle, and fate overlaps with each other in this way.

The scenes of jungles, volcanoes, plains, glaciers, islands and other scenes in the game are not repeated. They are all carefully drawn, just like participating in a comic exhibition. This is what Sunhead Games pursues to attract players. Because of this ingenuity, the game has been well recognized by many professional judges around the world since 2018 and has also won the “Visual Excellence Award” (Best Visual Performance) award on BitSummit.

At present, Heart Network has been stepping up to handle the version number, and plans to launch the PC version first, and then plans to transplant the host and mobile phone. Steam wishlist portal


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