A Lu went to arrest his wife

A Lu to arrest his wife is one of the latest music films performed by Trung Ruoi, the music film A Lu’s to arrest this wife is quite good and impressive with attractive lyrics, humorous acting. Impressive situations create attractiveness for viewers. Please listen and watch together.

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With so many parody products, most of them are invested by Trung Ruoi with quality. Along with the pictures of strawberry garden in Korea with interesting situations, very impressive lyrics, you should watch it to have the most relaxing moments.

I always go crazy

A Lu went to arrest his wife

MV A Lu went to arrest his wife

The lyrics of the music made A Lu to arrest his wife

Just looking at her he saw
How much compensation?
Oh the girl who picked strawberries
In Korea
Go now, go now, you must decide to arrest your wife
Fly over, Busan he looked for a muse
There are many stars on this street, it is cold and cold
Hey, man, this is where it is
Busan, Busan, You’re in Korea
Busan here why, let’s go get a wife
Getting wife, arresting wife, Must find her picking strawberries
Oh, my God, long long walks
Wish, now let him ride a buffalo
UMBRELLA! Which way I don’t know
Oh oh, but Korean doesn’t know.
Oh! Forgot! Picture
I have brought it with me
Honey, honey
Do you know this person
Go with me
Oh, he knows Vietnamese
The way to the strawberry garden is very way
But my heart is confused
Oh the girl I wish
Now see you
Beautiful, beautiful
She must be unmarried
Getting on the shoulder
I carried back the butt.
Hey there, there, don’t do that, man
Getting wife, catching wife, catching a girl
Oh, the guy is so innocent
Oh I have to do that
Oh, Oh, if you don’t do it, it will be dull
Hey man, any Korean girl is not a Mong girl
According to who I love, No such arrest
Listen to me, that should learn Korean right away
Oh, I don’t mind hard times
Oh oh, learning Korean is like the wind
Here with her
I help take care of the strawberry
Legs walk beside you, but can’t say anything
In his chest, like a horse galloping.
Every day the strawberry garden bears fruit
Let me plant you pick
Strawberries in the garden are full of flavors, we make a ceremony
This piece of music is not over yet
And my part of the day
How often with her picking strawberries
To the first three days
We will get married
Betel and betel shopping
We have each other now, to …. a thousand lives later.

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