Me Sophie Mongeon.  Photo: TikTok


Me Sophie Mongeon. Photo: TikTok

“We always tell ourselves that it only happens to others”, launches Me Sophie mongeon at the start of the interview. This is precisely what she said to herself, sitting at a Leucan benefit evening in February 2019 and happy to do her part for this cause which did not directly affect her.

Then, a few months later, her 17-year-old son was worried about the bruises that were appearing all over his body. A few blood tests and medical appointments later, the diagnosis falls. He suffers from a rare form of leukemia. Her older boy has to take 18 drugs every day.

Despite this shocking news, Me Mongeon did not immediately accept the offer to participate in the Shaved Head Challenge. When her longtime friend and general manager of Leucan Pascale Bouchard called her to join a group of ten women (Les Audacieuses) who would shave on March 28, she refused.

“I didn’t see myself being one of the Audacious. I’m at the top of my career with my 91.9 Sports, 99.5 and QUB Radio reviews, and my exploding Tik Tok. But I still agreed to think about it, ”she says.

The president of Desroches Mongeon Avocats then draws up a list of “for” and “against”… to realize that the only item in the “against” column is that she would no longer have hair. “I found it ridiculous to refuse. Every day I represent people injured at work or on the road who have lost much more than their hair. I couldn’t say no anymore. “

Decided, she jumps into the countryside with both feet and publishes a video on all her social networks. While she had always hesitated to tell her personal story, which few people knew, she now chooses to confide and take advantage of her notoriety to raise as much money as possible to fund research.

“If my son is well and is alive today, it is because people have worked and donated to advance research,” she writes on her fundraising page.