Comedian Alexandre Douville is represented by Me Camille Bolté.  Photos: Facebook and Brunet & Associés website


Comedian Alexandre Douville is represented by Me Camille Bolté. Photos: Facebook and Brunet & Associés website

Comedian Alexandre douville is suing three Internet users for defamation for the sum of $ 120,000. He accuses them of having unfairly denounced him on social networks by designating him as a “sexual predator” in the wake of the #MoiAussi movement.

Me Camille Bolté from Brunet & Associés represents the comedian in this affair.

M. Douville criticizes Sebastien saint-germain for spreading allegations on Facebook that he had engaged in sexual predatory behavior, with the aim of harming him in the wake of the wave of denunciation of the summer of 2020.

In this publication, released on July 11, 2020, Mr. Saint-Germain called on his Facebook friends to share his message again in order to make known the behavior alleged against Mr. Douville to “as many people as possible”.

This publication elicited several reactions, including those of Janie Cote and Melody Danis, they also sued for defamation by Mr. Douville.

Sébastien Saint-Germain subsequently shared their comments on social networks “of a defamatory nature in order to allow them to do justice to themselves,” says one in the lawsuit.

Alexandre Douville maintains that these comments, in which Ms. Côté accuses the comedian of being a “sexual pervert”, a “stalker” and an “abuser”, were broadcast for a period of approximately seven months, thus undermining his “honor” and his “reputation” and causing him financial damage.

As for Ms. Danis, he is accused of having published on Mr. Saint-Germain’s page an exchange of text messages between the latter and Mr. Douville in which the comedian is portrayed “in a perverse light”.

The artist sent a formal notice to Mr. Saint-Germain on December 23, 2020 and the latter replied on January 6, saying that it would follow up at the end of January. The user did not respond to Mr. Douville, but he removed his post from his Facebook page.

Janie Côté was also ordered to stop broadcasting defamatory remarks about Mr. Douville on January 5, 2021. Her lawyer responded on January 14, 2021 with a letter in which he indicated that his client denies any responsibility.

Mr. Douville deplores the “devastating” effect these allegations have had on his career. He claims the sum of $ 120,000 from the three Internet users, in particular for the cancellation of shows, the loss of income on the web, the reimbursement of tickets already sold as well as for moral and punitive damages.