A group of foreigners who are keen on Chinese Kungfu made the “Jackie Chan Simulator”

Every time I read “sifu” in English (the meaning of the master), I feel that the foreigner accidentally brought some dialect pronunciation when transliterating Chinese into Chinese.

Recently, there just happened to be a game called “sifu”, which is an action-adventure game developed by a foreign studio soloclap. The news it released has attracted the attention of many players around the world who love Chinese Kung Fu.

Without him, because this is too Jackie Chan.

The game tells a conventional story. The protagonist’s family was killed by five assassins, so he embarked on the road of revenge. Fight against all kinds of people along the way, and then challenge every assassin boss.

The most interesting is the combat system. According to the producer, he feels that their game has achieved innovations that were not available in previous kung fu games.

Although the protagonists in many action games have one enemy and many, in sifu, the protagonist who hit ten felt the revelation of Jackie Chan’s movie for the first time. What is the specific revelation method?

The protagonist will use environmental elements to deal with the enemy, and use it to strike out. For example, you can climb on the ledge to dodge, and then use your strength to attack; grab an object as a weapon or throw it at the enemy; or walk between the furniture and attack against the furniture.

The interaction between play and the environment will be full. You must be familiar with Jackie Chan’s movies, but isn’t it just Jackie Chan’s Happy House routine? Everyone knows that you shouldn’t fight with Jackie Chan where there are a lot of props.

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Foreigners have a similar understanding of this as ours. They feel that “in the Jackie Chan movie universe, this Kung Fu master always consciously or unconsciously gets close to various props.”

It seems that the image of Jackie Chan is deeper in the hearts of foreigners than we thought.

Making “Sifu” is a tribute process that projects Jackie Chan’s classic routines into the game, and this respect does not stop there. After all, Soloclap Studio’s previous action RPG “Absolver” is also related to Jackie Chan.

In Absolver, which is full of Chinese kungfu elements, many players have encountered an NPC called mesca. When you play against him, he will use a very standard “drunken fist” to beat you up.

When many foreign game media played this stage, they all said that they immediately thought of the classic movie “Drunken Master” made in the last century by “Master Cheng”. In fact, soloclap did borrow this movie.

Until “sifu”, I probably thought it was time to go further, so soloclap spent a lot of energy studying the interaction between the protagonist and the scene, trying to make the “playing” part of the game more exciting. They said that this will be a purely linear action-adventure game, and the overall implementation technology is not that complicated.

However, the game also has a unique design: the protagonist’s appearance will age a little after each GG. At the beginning, he was still a spirited guy. After he died a few times, he became a fierce uncle. After a few times, he became a kung fu old man with a fairy style.

Regarding this point, the producer said that although the protagonist will get older and older as he is knocked down from the appearance, aging has no effect on the attributes (hp, attack power). To describe it in his original words, “This is a manifestation of becoming stronger.”

Everyone thinks this game is cool

It feels like every time a Saiyan is knocked down, it will become stronger after dying. Soloclap feels that real sifu requires years of hard training and years of accumulation.

Perhaps for them, the young guy with the setting of peerless martial arts is still a little bit Long Aotian.

Therefore, in order to rigorously test the evidence, soloclap found the masters who had actually studied Chinese Baimeiquan systematically and provided them with creative guidance. In reality, Jackie Chan has revealed his white eyebrow boxing kung fu in public more than once.

After reading these connections, it seems that Jackie Chan and Sifu are directly locked up, and it is not an exaggeration to call it the most reliable “Jackie Chan simulator” so far.

Pretty good

I personally look forward to the release of the game. The official mentioned that the game will be released around this fall. If you are interested, don’t forget to become a dragon in the game.

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