If she has 40 members, then she will be taken care of by the photographer

A female sex worker with 40 mistress in prison still managed to lure the prisoner into bed

Tuong Diem Binh is an example with the title "First lady visiting Tam Tuong", taking advantage of her own capital to attract 40 gentlemen to bed to change the life of a village girl to lead a large corporation.

Tuong Diem Binh when in office.

Tuong Diem Binh is a former General Director of Kien Cong Group (Hunan). Tuong Diem Binh once stated: “Men who have sex with women may not pay attention to position; but for women it is impossible not to care about it ", or" in male-dominated society, only women who know how to exploit the value of men are truly intelligent women ".

Ms. Tuong Diem Binh is said to have a beautiful body, a middle-class culture (junior high school) and it took only 10 years to step up from a warehouse keeper to the Deputy General Director of Kien Cong Group of Hunan (Deputy Department Head ), embezzled to earn more than 10 million yuan (35 billion VND).

According to investigators, Binh was promoted primarily in two ways: first, to give bribes; The second is to use the body, go to bed with officials eager to take money.

Tuong Diem Binh had the first lover when he was 17 and that was the leader of the commune than she was 31 years old, gaining the first step of becoming a factory worker. Every time you go to bed is a spectacular change of life of this woman, gradually the lucrative construction contracts and good jobs and positions for relatives when becoming the leader of the Construction Group. Kien Gong Hunan, even when detained on charges of accepting bribes, embezzlement, bribing brokers, having big illicit properties, Chiang Diem Binh can still "go to bed" with Vice Camp Camp detained Han Tho district-Van Giang district to get information out, reduce his sentence.

This deputy served 4 times for Binh to use the phone and to directly deliver letters to help Binh connect, communicate, causing serious interference to the investigation.

According to danviet.vn

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