A driver carrying a container in Belgium to stand trial for 39 deaths

A driver carrying a container in Belgium to stand trial for 39 deaths

A 23-year-old Northern Ireland driver is under investigation for 39 bodies of immigrants in a trunk in a container in Essex, England.

Eamon Harrison from Mayobridge, Northern Ireland was arrested in the port of Dublin on October 26. Belgian police confirmed, Harrison drove a blue truck carrying a container containing 39 immigrants from France to the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium before it was transported by ferry to Britain on 23/10.

Essex police removed the container from the scene of the Waterglade industrial park to the nearby Port of Tilbury to remove the bodies from the trunk for autopsies. Photo: PA

According to the Irish Times newspaper, after being arrested, the same day 26/10, 23-year-old driver had to stand trial in the District Court of Dublin for charges of assault and vandalism unrelated to the tragedy occurred in Essex on 23/10. The suspect remains in police custody and does not allow bail.

In the afternoon of October 30, Harrison continued to appear in court in Dublin. British police officials arrived in the city on October 29 to speak with him.

Before Harrison, British police arrested 25-year-old Mo Robinson driver of Northern Ireland shortly after the discovery of the bodies of 39 immigrants in the trunk of a frozen container he controlled in the Waterglade industrial park. in Grays, Essex County, 32km east of London last week. Robinson was the recipient of a 39-container container at Purfleet port and transported it to the Waterglade.

On October 28, Robinson was put on trial and charged with 39 counts of manslaughter, 2 trafficking offenses as well as money laundering. After the first trial, the suspect will continue to be detained and scheduled to stand trial in the next session on November 25 at the Old Bailey Criminal Court in London.

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