A DJ's MacBook Pro suddenly exploded and caught fire and damaged the house - Photo 1.

A DJ's MacBook Pro suddenly exploded and caught fire, causing the house to be damaged

Recently, a "White Panda" DJ who shared his MacBook Pro video suddenly exploded and caught fire. On Reddit, White Panda writes:

"Yesterday afternoon my MacBook Pro exploded in normal use. The device was plugged in and placed on my lap and suddenly the smoke came out from both sides. I quickly put it on the floor when the smoke caught. The smoke was triggered by the alarm system of my house, fortunately, no one was injured, but the house was damaged a few parts. much worse – imagine if I were on the plane, what would it be like? "

The MacBook Pro exploded and caught fire (cut from video)

The DJ then brought this MacBook Pro to Apple Store. Despite knowing that this was a serious incident, Apple Store staff said "can't do anything right now"However, still accept the scorched MacBook Pro and put it in a fireproof safe within 24 hours. This Apple Store representative also said he would contact again.

The video of the MacBook Pro exploded

But then 24 hours passed and the White Panda never received any calls. When he actively contacted Apple again, he learned that the MacBook Pro was transferred to a higher level department for processing and he would receive an answer within 5 days. Chances are, this machine has been transferred to Apple headquarters in California for engineers to investigate further.

White Panda seems to be dissatisfied with this response from Apple. In the Reddit post, he writes: "Music production is my job, 5 days without computers is unacceptable."

White Panda's MacBook Pro model is a 15-inch, 2015-life machine. This machine was previously repaired with a screen and mouse hover board by Apple and has never been repaired or replaced by third parties.

Currently, Apple has yet to comment on the case.

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