A Day of Indian Gaming Game Developers

The purpose of this article is not to encourage gambling, but to understand the complexity and diversity of the gaming industry with everyone.

Wippel slept three rods in the sun.

“I can’t run in the morning again,” he said to himself while yawning. After taking a look at the time on the phone, he rubbed his eyes to confirm if there was a new email, then he stretched out and pressed the computer’s power button. To his three roommates’ disappointment, this computer cannot run games.

“Yes, my computer is monitored and will be seen no matter what it is doing. This is a powerful computer that can run almost all games, but it is monitored. I don’t want to be discovered by the company that I play games secretly.” Said.

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The computer started running. There are black backgrounds and strange icons on the two huge monitors. He lit a cigarette, stretched, and walked into the bathroom.

“I can’t get to the tub without smoking. The pressure is just that much.” He winked at me and closed the bathroom door.

While waiting for him to return to start the interview, I glanced at his room. Due to the new crown epidemic, the company allows employees to work from home, with his work computer in the room. Wiper’s bed is always neat and tidy, the coffee cup is always ready to be in place, and he has always been looking forward to the future. He hopes that one day he can bid farewell to his current position and find a job he really wants.

drop in the ocean

In Bangalore, there are about 1.5 million people working in the IT industry or IT-related industries, and Wiper is one of them. He works for a very popular American company. This company provides related products and services to global gaming institutions with a target annual transaction volume of approximately US$3 billion. They also promise to create the best gaming experience in the world to “empower”.

A large part of the company’s game development is handled by outsourced employees such as Wiper, whose titles are generally development assistants or software engineers. Many companies have outsourced work to Bangalore, the “Silicon Valley of India”. This city alone accounts for about 38% of India’s total IT exports.

The company that hired Wiper only made up a small part of it. For IT companies, outsourcing work to a country like India is a reasonable choice. A single employee’s salary alone can save up to 600,000 U.S. dollars per year (this figure is based on the statistics of Indian and American employees on the job site Glassdoor) . Under such circumstances, outsourced employees should at least be able to count on a healthy work process and balanced working hours, but what is the real situation?

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Wiper still remembers that before the epidemic, he would pick out a neatly folded, ironed shirt from the full closet, button it up, put on headphones, and spend an hour commuting in Bangalore with heavy traffic.

“Traffic jams in the morning and working late at night are normal before the epidemic,” he told me, “It’s the junk equipment. Computer cards, poor network, not enough machines for testing, and the loading is extremely slow. Set deadline The time is very unreasonable, and it cannot be completed within the deadline. The poor management from top to bottom makes the work pressure soar,” Weipuer complained while flipping his breakfast: a few eggs, some bread, and a large cup coffee.

“You need to sit in the office and finish your work within the prescribed time limit. But sometimes, it takes time to deal with bugs, because the entire framework is very large, and you have to know the framework well to find the problem.” He added, “We His salary does not match the time and energy we spend. There are countless low-paid engineers scattered all over Bangalore.”

According to India’s “Economic Times”, citizens of Bangalore spend an average of 7% of their commuting time per day, which is about 100 minutes

The curse of unemployment

According to a report released by Aspiring Minds in 2019, only 3.84% of Indian engineers can engage in software-related jobs in startups. The survey is based on data from 3 million evaluation reports. The survey results also show that only 3% of these engineers “have new-age skills such as machine learning, AI, data engineering, or mobile technology.”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to create 100 million jobs by 2022 through the “Make In India” project. However, such a large proportion of recent graduates are considered unemployed. This is obviously different from Modi. The idea runs counter to. Considering the employment crisis faced by Indian graduates, it’s grateful to be able to find a job after graduation, even in industries that you are not interested in.

“Casino games are a very repetitive work-you have to continue to make some homogeneous games, except for the theme and graphics. There is basically no change. The game market has this concept: if a game makes you earn, you We have to keep producing similar games and fill the market.” Weipuer explained.

According to Eismander’s report, 37.7% of Indian software engineers cannot write error-free code, which is much higher than 10.35% in China

So, is it possible to transform to do more interesting and exciting work? For people who are engaged in this type of work but are interested in developing mainstream games, is there a way to change jobs?

“In India, I have not seen anyone who jumped from a gaming company to a 3A game company. If there is, the ratio is extremely low,” Wiper points out. “They usually try to jump to other similar types. Company, or do other development work. In a gaming company, you can’t cultivate and improve your skills so that you are competitive enough to apply for a 3A game company, or any other type of game company. You need to hone yourself I can work with the strongest people with my skills, and my current job is a waste of time.”

Promotions and salary increases are also worth considering. Wiper said that in order to get any form of promotion, one must hold on to a company for a long time. But as time goes by, the team gets bigger and bigger, and your chances of promotion are getting slimmer.

“Moreover, the annual wage increase has not kept up with the rate of inflation,” he added.

Alternative person

In the evening, Wiper closed his work after canceling his account. After a long day, we walked out of the apartment door and talked about his future and his vision for the future.

“I can be replaced,” he said while watching the sunset. “In this IT industry, everyone is like this. The epidemic has changed many things, recruitment has stalled, and the company can only maintain the status quo. There are these people. My team has a lot of newcomers, and my game and market experience are better than them. The reason they didn’t fire me was because my salary was lower.”

But many people are not as lucky as Wiper. According to industry sources, in the next few quarters, the number of unemployed in the IT industry will reach 150,000 to 200,000. In a country where 4.1 million people are unemployed due to the epidemic, the unemployment problem in the IT industry is only the tip of the iceberg.

“Most of the gaming industry’s revenue comes from casinos, but the epidemic has affected the operation of casinos.” Weipper pointed out, “Compared with the previous quarters, online gambling has earned them a good income. I originally thought that through salary cuts, The company can at least keep all employees and keep everyone from being laid off, but this method failed and the company had to lay off a lot of people. When someone on your team is laid off, it feels particularly bad, like a bleak cloud covering The whole team.”

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Unsurprisingly, Wiper told me that this job is not what he originally imagined.

“I have seriously considered whether to develop mahjong games or some fancy casino games, but it turns out that most of the work of the Indian team is to transplant pre-approved games for different casinos,” he told me. “There is no fun or challenge in this kind of work. I did learn something, but this is not the job I wanted. I was doing some interesting things before, and I left there, but now I am doing all this kind of work. .”

But for Weipper, the future is not dark. He has accumulated a lot of experience now and is full of expectations for the future after the epidemic has passed.

According to Fortune magazine, the number of users of major MOOC websites surged during the epidemic

“This epidemic has given me a lot of time to think, practice, and research different skills. When I am working on different projects, I have been spending time reading, understanding and developing 3A games.” He said, “Promoted to Las Vegas A job in Gass is what every Indian employee dreams of. But whether I get promoted or not, I plan to seek a better prospect, or even go to school. I have many choices,” he said hopefully.

It was late at night, and Viper turned on the bedside lamp. The beer glass was empty, and the silence was not annoying. I picked up the bag and prepared to leave because my taxi arrived.

“To a better, hopeful, and more insightful era.” Wiper held an empty glass toast to me, and closed the door behind me.

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